Eye witness account of the attack on the EDL bus

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Monday, September 5, 2011 at 08:00 PM

I live on Mile End Road, the bus carrying the EDL supporters was attacked literally right outside my window. I had to watch in fear and horror as hundreds (there were far more than 100) local Asian children threw missiles, heard foul abuse and attempted to attack the coach. At no point did I see or hear anything provocative from the EDL members on the bus. They were obviously arrested for their own safety and to quell the bloodlust of this rabid mob. There were at least 200 police in riot gear, my road was cordoned off, and it was an extremely intimidating atmosphere… not just for the public but also for the police. I witnessed with my own eyes a gang of weedy Muslim children who couldn’t punch there way out of a wet paper bag individually, verbally abusing and threatening the police.. in fact picking out a female officer for special treatment. I was very anti-EDL and BNP not so long ago. But when it is on your door step, in your face, it is a different story. Some EDL members will inevitably be racist morons. More still will be unable to articulate themselves clearly… after all they are uneducated and working class. But Tommy Robinson is absolutely correct, he is a political prisoner of the state, and everybody who cherishes this country and OUR traditions should support him. The fact that no Muslims were arrested on Mile End Road says two things first of all the political pressure on the police to treat the EDL as criminals and secondly the great difficulties of making any arrests… These animals run in packs and make it very dangerous for an officer to apprehend one except in large numbers. I even watched one group with my own eyes approach an officer on his own to tell him they were going to get ‘tooled up’.

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  1. Britain is plagued with a myriad of social ills – the least of which are looters in the recent riots.

    If Steven Lennon behaves with dignity, and uses this opportunity to launch a movement that not only is against the Islamisation of Britain, but to the what the name EDL actually stands for, then he will be on a winner.

  2. DP111 I think that is what is happening, the EDL is growing and its mission is changing to protection of the British culture from all threats and not just from the Moslems. Movements like this don’t come along often and they never spring up full grown, remember that history doesn’t move as fast as people expect it to.

  3. For those of us who now live in majority Muslim areas, it is our duty to wake our people up before we are all a minority in the face of the IslamoNazis, who have taken over 54 countries already, the most impressive record of conquest in history. It will take a united front to defeat them.

    But here is a thought for the day:

    What if turned out that the people on the bus were actually Australian or American tourists? What would the police say to them? “We apologise for arresting you. We thought you were English.”

    Think about it.

  4. both my sons were on that bus,both were arrested as were the other 42,what no body has reported is that at the time of this scum attacking ,they draggad a 34 yr old woman through a window they broke beat her up and robbed her ,muslims what a paecefull culture,,joke

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