EDL woman kicked when down on the street Sept. 3rd 2011

Here are two different edits of the same event. First mine…

Now Frank Kitman’s who managed to actually capture the moment of the kick a little better than I did…

The woman was lying down on the ground reportedly, with a broken jaw from a punch to the face. Probably this is the incident that these two fascist ‘anti-fascists’ are yucking it up over.

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6 Replies to “EDL woman kicked when down on the street Sept. 3rd 2011”

  1. The UK press are not touching this as the British public would hate this kind of violence against women.The press will pretend this has not happened as it goes against their anti EDL propaganda. And shows up the Tower Hamlets ethnic cleansing experiment for what it is!
    How did this woman`s attackers know she was not a Muslim? Or did they make a quick decision based on her race? The talk earlier on the EDL facebook site is saying they robbed her of a necklace and broke her jaw! Can anyone confirm?

  2. Actually she was in the hospital with a broken jaw. What proof do you have that this image is her? I can find out pretty quickly. But in any case, bad body art or no, there is no excuse for breaking a woman’s jaw who was not posing a physical threat to you, and there is no excuse to running up and kicking her when she is down on the ground. Once again, bad skin art not withstanding. If indeed this is her. I shall try and find out.

  3. The criminals need to be thrown in the pen, but they won’t, they will be made heroes by their neighbors. Boba’s post shows just what the reaction of the left is going to be.

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