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6 Replies to “Influential Iranian religious leader explains on TV that only men who pay bills for women should ever see their face.”

  1. woops, the code turned into the video in the comments. Cool. Well follow the directions then, or I can email you the code as well.

  2. Thanks for the clip. This sort of thinking is not relegated to Iraq alone but is common throughout the islamic world. It is dangerous and backwards thinking that further promises all islamic countries will mire down in the backwards and barbaric mores of 1400 years ago until some one or some country rescues them.
    Here is what happened in Sowdi Arabia – I lived and worked in Riyadh, Sowdi Arabia for four years recently. In my second year there I read this article in a local Middle Eastern English newspaper, where this 54 year-old man saw his mother’s face for the FIRST time in his life at her funeral… cna you believe that? I guess he wasn’t paying the bills!
    He apparently came from a very conservative religiously dominated town in the north, Qaseem. I was warned by Sowdi colleagues to never go to Qaseem in my explorations of the country because of the “high danger” to westerners there. In that same year, the mullahs of the mosques in Qaseem destroyed every single street-vending machine one Friday that was providing CocaCola, and Sprite, and other western drinks as they deemed that these drinks encouraged young people to not follow the strict tenets of Islam.
    When I left Sowdi Arabia two years after that, the vending company had not repaired nor replaced the machines and no one was ever found guilty – let alone charged – for destroying company property.
    This is what the west has to look forward to with the slow invasion of Sharia…. it’s frightening.

  3. The statements prove that to the Moslems women are just another commodity, one that can be bought and sold when you are tired of them. From what I can see there is very little difference between the wife of a strict Moslem and the sex slave of a strict Moslem.

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