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One Reply to “Michael Coren does an opening statement on sharia, Obama, and can Islam work in the West?”

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Sbm00mCPPc – this is a video to watch -please copy and past of what happened in Toronto recently -I have copied and pasted the article as I have received it


    It?s important to read the following message from CIJA before clicking on the video in order for it to make sense. It is hard to realize that this event took place in the city of Toronto on Aug. 28, 2011 ? filled with hatred and vitriol against Israel and by extension the Jewish people! The video is hard to watch hearing such twisted rhetoric ? but we must be aware of what is happening under our watch.

    The Media Action Group

    We are writing to make you aware of events that took place this past Sunday, August 28 at the annual Al Quds Day rally in Toronto.

    As you will see in this video, brought to the attention of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, speakers described Israel as a ?cancer? that must be killed, accused Israel of being involved ?wherever we see injustice happening,? and labeled Israelis as ?racists?, ?barbarians?, and ?inhuman.?

    Demonstrators also raised the flag of Hezbollah, a terror organization banned under Canadian law, and one of the speakers is presented as a representative of the United Church of Canada. As we can see, those who genuinely believe in human rights sometimes share a podium with speakers who use radical rhetoric, clearly demonstrating what happens when criticism of Israel turns into anti-Semitism.

    We ask you to please post and share this video with as many people as possible – friends, family, acquaintances and business associates – in order to express your concern about demonstrations of this kind in our community.

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