Tommy Robinson manges to speak to crowd by wearing disguise to get in

There seems to be some kind of youtube manipulation that is causing it to be difficult to impossible to find any EDL related videos that are newer than 16 hours old. This seems to be part of an overall media blackout (other than anti-EDL propaganda such as in the Daily Mail) that the Cameron government is deploying. Once again, showing that England leads the way in ‘stealth totalitarianism’

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5 Replies to “Tommy Robinson manges to speak to crowd by wearing disguise to get in”

  1. Cannot believe the mail newspaper trying to use pictures of air weapons and kiddies bb toy guns and trying to suggest this is a threat ………..pathetic!

  2. The disguise to get Tommy to the demonstration was brilliant.

    As a long time member of the firearms world I don’t recognize many of the so called firearms, mainly they were BB and paint guns, and I would like to see the proof they were being held by members of the EDL.

  3. RE the photos in the Daily Mail, they’ve ripped those from Hopenothate’s blog post. That thing was all over twitter last night, accompanied most often by the words ‘scary’ and ‘unverified but horrible if true’.

    You can see all the faces unpixellated on that one.

  4. Eeyore it doesn’t surprise me that the British government is censoring the news, the entire western world is much closer to armed rebellion then most people want to think about. The Brits are afraid that if/when the rebellion comes the politicians will be hanging from lamp posts. The politicians have so much political capital invested in not standing up for their country that they don’t know how to stop being dhimmis, this fear will lead them to becoming more more openly totalitarians. The political class never seems to get the idea that people who are use to free speech don’t respond well when it is taken from them.

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