Six arrested over Leicester kebab shop explosion

Really quite a soporific article. It’s stunning how little you can say about important things when you are skilled at ‘critical ommisions’ like the BBC

*** UPDATE ***

Video from BBC. Still not one word about whodunit. We do know one thing though. Had even one of the suspects darkened the door of a church one time, the accused would all become ‘fundamentalist Christians’



Emergency services at scene of explosion (pic: Kym Marshall) Nearby properties were evacuated immediately after the explosion

Two men and four women have been arrested after a kebab shop in Leicester was destroyed in a blast.

Emergency services were called to reports of an explosion at a shop in Narborough Road about 02:20 BST and found the building demolished.

The cause of the explosion was being investigated but was being treated as suspicious, police said.

Fire crews said it was “incredibly lucky” passers-by had not been caught by flying debris.

A police spokesman confirmed a criminal investigation was under way.

Buildings evacuated

The fire service said a search and rescue dog was used to check for casualties but it is not believed anyone was in the shop.

Station manager Dave Watson said: “It is incredibly lucky that we have not had more injuries and more damage caused.

“The force of the explosion has blown objects for some distance and we have been very lucky that passers-by did not get caught by debris.”

Several adjoining properties were evacuated as a safety precaution. Parts of Narborough Road have been closed while investigations are carried out.

Leicestershire Constabulary have appealed for anyone with information about the incident to contact them.


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3 Replies to “Six arrested over Leicester kebab shop explosion”

  1. With the names not being given I would guess that this was a Moslem on Moslem crime and didn’t involve any other religion.

  2. I went to Leicester recently. When you leave the train station you see the dome of the mosque. Leicester has a lot of ethnic minorities especially from south asia. In one football match the opposition fans taunted the Leicester fans by saying that their town was full of Pakis. So I think this is certainly a muslim crime. A muzzie on muzzie crime. Or an Abdul on Abdul crime. All kebab shops are run by muslims. With many kebab shops in an area the area is deemed a colourful multicultural area where people like me actually live. To be honest I like living in these areas. I have been out and about in the countryside and noticed most of the UK is lily white. This is excellent and shows in fact that the UK has not been overrun as reports often seem to suggest.Not a kebab shop, mosque or temple anywhere to be seen. A coloured person in these areas
    is so rare as to become paranoid while walking through such an area. So the UK is now stratified by income and whether one lives in a pretty village or the low income wonderful multicultural inner city. Since I am black I know where I should live. There has to be a place for me and it is on top or near a kebab shop or two.
    Now blacks and muzzies are failed people. They often create ghettos which people avoid. What is wrong with that. They live their miserable lives in these places and die. The pattern has been set. Three types of ghettos: Black ghettos, Muzzies ghettos. Avoid these or die. Multiculteral ghettos you need not avoid these as lots of whites live there too and everyone gets on. My own little ghetto has more poles than anyone else. The future is this: white only areas. These are safe and quite expensive. Black only areas. Ghettos of the USA. Muzzie ghettos of Europe. Avoid both of these or die. Full of poverty and now improvement ever in site. The failed brown and black people of planet earth. Muzzie brown and black. Sometimes amalgamated into the most failed people on earth the muzzie blacks of Somalia. Multicultural areas. OK, but be a bit careful as some crime does kick off now and again.

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