A response to the BBC reportage of the banned EDL march in Tower Hamlets planned for early September.

I had to do something. The original BBC clip is here in its entirety. I have not edited any of it out whatsoever but I have edited in my own comments, text and clips showing how they may have selectively used footage to create a false impression accidentally or otherwise.

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2 Replies to “A response to the BBC reportage of the banned EDL march in Tower Hamlets planned for early September.”

  1. “They believed public disorder and violence would ensue.”

    That is a particularly slimy sentance and one I have seen the authorities use in statements about the EDL before. It is INTENTIONALLY veague as to WHO would be causing the violence. They know it is the astroturf leftist groups and muslims who cause all the violence – yet they use that veague sentance to suggest that it is the EDL that is somehow responsible when the authorities KNOW for a fact that they never are.

    The british attitude to my rights and safety is this: I was walking down the street and crime ensued so the state should prevent me from walking down the street. The fact that a mugger mugged me is now apparently immaterial. If I had only been prevented from walking down the street, then crime would not have ensued.

  2. The politicians just aren’t listening. Slowly but surely, the possibility of civil war is growing and they just wash their hands and blame the EDL. So typical of the politically correct governance. Unfortunately, they will reap what they sow.

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