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Sunday August 28,2011

By Eugene Henderson


POTENTIAL recruits to the English Defence League are being identified under a programme set up to track terrorists after the 7/7 attacks.

 Counter-terrorism programme Channel has concentrated in the past on Islamic extremism, but now the scheme has been widened to take account of the rise in right-wing extremism, much to the anger of the EDL. The move follows the killing of 76 people in Norway by Anders Breivik after he was said to have been motivated by extreme right-wing ideologies.

Parents, teachers, community leaders and police officers are referring children and young adults who they feel may be at risk of being radicalised by groups such as the EDL and Combat 18.

Police in Lancashire have received a number of referrals following 12 arrests at an EDL demo and counter-protest in Blackburn in April.

Yet an EDL source said: “This is outrageous. All we do is voice the concerns of ordinary people who are fed up with the way politicians have let us down. How can we be seen in the same light as potential terrorists?”


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  1. Politicians deciding who is and who is not a terrorist! Shouldn’t we be going after the politicians for their terrorism . . .
    What is scarier than politicians ignoring real terrorism . . .

  2. This was to be expected, the politicians are getting scared of the growing influence of the EDL, branding them terrorists is simply the first of many attacks on them. The TEA Party in the US has the same problem, but over here the public is not letting Obama get away with his lies.

  3. That was the idea. Demo’s shrink, the EDL as a political force grows irrelevant. The governments of the UK, Australia and elsewhere are forced into greater and greater degrees of authoritarianism and essentially totalitarianism to maintain the precious illusion that all is well except for a few ‘right wing extremists’. That Norwegian guy really did a lot of damage to the counter-jihad. So much so, one wonders if that was not his intent in the first place. After all, stupidity was not among his faults.

  4. Agreed now I think about it. Thing is I’ve been going on EDL demos since Geert Wilders came to show fitna, and the only racism and violence I’ve experienced came from the UAF et al. I hate to say this, but I can see things getting out of hand in a few years time here in London. As the Chinese say, ” we live in interesting times “.

  5. Eeyore I have wondered the same thing, his being an Agent Provocateur would explain a lot, the question then comes on just who was he working for? The Moslems? The Norwegian or some other group that wants to play in this game?

    For a long time I have thought that all Western nations are headed into a long and violent civil war, the actions against the EDL increase the probability that there will be a violent reaction against the Moslems. While it would be nice to think that our side was all non violent there are many who are waiting for the right moment to start violence. If/when it turns to violence the big question will be will the police and military obey orders and suppress the ethnic Brits or will they covertly aid them? Their actions will determine the winner of the civil war.

  6. Richard,
    I fear that it may be to late for the police, although individual coppers I’ve spoken t on demos are generally on our side but their hands are tied. The military on the other hand………..

  7. Exactly how many terrorist attacks has the EDL engaged in? How many EDL memebers are in prison for planning terrorism? How many are in prison for recruiting for terrorist organizaitons? How many are in prison for advocating terrorism?

    I am an American and have not read anything negative reported in the press that the EDL has actually done to deserve any of the approbium they recieve from the government.

    This is OUTRAGIOUS!

    They do not have racist views, they do not even have anti immigration views. They are pro intigration and pro assimilation. They do not seek to engage in direct actions that are outside the law, only seeking to make the governement enforce existing laws or legally enact new laws.

    Seriously, they really need to take the government to court over this. Isn’t slander illegal over there? The muslims sue everyone in sight for writing accurate chapters of books or even saying one single sentence.

  8. Truthocity
    slander is not illeagal, it is part of tort law (civil) ie, if you want to sue you need very deep pockets. As for the fundamustards they have petrochemical money coming out of their wazoos!

  9. An EDL buck hinted at something that can help. Though not in the way he hinted, which is ridiculous.

    The EDL needs to make outreach on personal level to the organizations or people in government or media who see the same problems in the same way that they do.

    Douglas Murray has publicly defended the EDL. He cannot be the only man in Britain who sees sense. There MUST be many others.

  10. They do not have racist views, they do not even have anti immigration views. They are pro intigration and pro assimilation. Well said.
    However this is what makes them so dangerous to the elite. The elite can easily marginilise the BNP but they can not do the same to the EDL which stands on an antiracist and antilislamic ideology angle.

  11. An EDL buck thanks for your comments. We need some EDL on the ground input. United against Fascism are the racist group as you say. I experience a kind of racism (gentle jibes) just for being ginger;but, hey!it is small beer compared to having the police come down on you at an EDL demo.

  12. These are the times we are now living in. The legitimate concerns of the ordinary every day folk are being crushed in contravention of traditional civil liberties. Many people, at least up to now did not know about the EDL and UAF but they do now. One thing is for sure, ordinary every day ,decent folk do not want a repeat of the horrors of the gulags or the concentration camps. They know what true fascism is when it presents its ulgy face. The ruling elite cannot go on indefinitely relying on the indifference of the majority. They are in dire need of leadership who can clearly demonstrate that they have the nation’s interests at heart.

    It was the UAF who circulated the photo of Tommy Robinson /Brevik. This was not only scandalous but sinister in the extreme. Shocking! Usually bad ideas die out quickly that is of course; if they are not being funded. The UAF are being funded even by the Trade Unions! I think it was Anton Chekhov who once said: that the left are far more dangerous than the right! He was so right, or was it far right. Dunno know anymore!

  13. An EDL buck it is the individuals I am talking about, the political leaders will order the police and military to do things that are against common sense and in the worst interest of Britain. It will then be up to the individuals in both services to decide if they are going to obey or fight against the orders.

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