Religious Muslims busy tearing down campaign posters in Denmark

“I saw men with beards and long robes tearing them down” is the money quote there. The article is in Danish but I took screen caps of the google translation and posted them here. Anyone who speaks Danish please feel free to correct the translation and add context in the comments. What party is she running for as an example, and why are Muslims targeting them?

From Ekstrabladet


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5 Replies to “Religious Muslims busy tearing down campaign posters in Denmark”

  1. This is no surprise, anyone who opposes the Islamic take over of Europe is in for a hard time, the Moslems will do anything they can to stop people organizing to oppose them.

  2. Cekic is herself an activist muslim with ties to the Erdogan regime in Turkey.

    The centerleft government she perhaps will be a part of post-election, will return to old bad multiculturalist policies and make matters even worse than they are now.

  3. The Left-Socialist should blamed themselves for ever kissing the boots of Muslim barbarian conquerors in the West/Europe! Now, their Jew/women-hating Muslim barbarian masters even want to eliminate them – just like they’re attacking this Muslim woman Left-Socialist MP, whom, to their eyes, did not even cover herself like an Arabic -Muslim SLAVE, as what these Muslim barbarians would like all women to be!

  4. The consequences of using the Third World as a baby manufacturing factory, through immigration or adoption, are the end of the First World. You can outsource your energy production to countries that hate you and finance a wave of global terrorism. You can outsource your manufacturing and industry to countries that hate you and lose much of your economy and gain a powerful new enemy. But when you outsource your population replacement to peoples that hate you– then you’re gone.

    A country can survive anything but its own self-inflicted genocide. And low birth rates combined with population replacement amount to that. Suicidal genocide by a civilization that no longer thinks there’s any reason to go on.

    The West has subsidized population booms in the Third World with its medicine and its aid. Now it’s subsidizing its own population replacement by them. Uncle Sam, John Bull and Madam Liberty are sitting in a skyscraper somewhere with pistols to their heads, cheerfully making plans for their farewell parties. The parties will have a very diverse invitation list. And the evening will end with the suicide of the cultures that contributed so much to the world in the last 500 years.

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