“If you do not return to Islam, we kill you,”

Please click over to Jihad Watch for this heartbreaking and increasingly common story.

It would be a worthy project I think for a cartographer/geographer to create a map showing the past say, 20 years, frequency and location of violence done to converts away from Islam (apostates) by Muslims as well as violence done to Muslims who do not obey one or another tenant of Islam. The fact that this happened in Norway should be of extra concern. Meanwhile, genuine human rights activists who only work for individual liberty and a safe and free society remain in hiding from mostly leftists, who claim to want the same things.

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3 Replies to ““If you do not return to Islam, we kill you,””

  1. When the Moslems start doing this in Western Nations it is rapidly approaching the time when a peaceful solution is no longer possible.

  2. This is how islam thrives, through fear. I commend any person who has the courage to defy the followers of islam and escape the bonds of islam, it is dangerous but worth it.

  3. The picture shown is telling everyone what real torture is like, during Nam the North was notorious for torturing their prisoner, for this reason many people made deals with their friends, “If I am captured kill me before I am out of sight, if you are captured I will do the same for you.” It was also why the North Viets say that the American soldiers fought with fanatical bravery.

    The Moslems are punishing their apostates with 7th century justice and using this to scare others who are thinking about leaving Islam. Actions like these are why the Moderate Moslems will never be able to reform Islam into a peaceful religion, when you torture and kill everyone who tries the others keep their head down.

    Remember the people who say torture is unreliable are wrong, if you are able to check a few of the facts torture gets you the information you want every time, and it you are harsh enough you will scare all of your political opponents into shutting up and letting you rule.

    Learn from the past so you will know what to avoid in the future.

    FYI: In the American west some of the old Indian fighters always went into battle with a chaw in their cheek, that way if they thought they were going to be captured they would spit tobacco juice into the face of the meanest look brave hoping he would kill them quick in a fit of anger.

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