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3 Replies to “How to get an Australian to stop swearing”

  1. Reminds me of when one of the bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the US published a bulletin article telling us that we shouldn’t swear.

    Good luck with THAT…


  2. hilarious
    love to swear
    must visit the Auzzies
    I actually had someone on the street caution me once when I commented oh fffffff about something, likely tripped or whatever, can’t recall, except that they likely wish they hadn’t as I shot off with a mouth full of cussing that embarrased them into silence
    Like the word cunt, many people hate it, I personally think it is a great word with so many expressive connotations, flexibility, nuance, there are so many contexts it can be used in, although fuck is taking on ‘nice’ qualities of over use. over 24 meanings for nice in the full Oxford last I checked when I had one

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