Toronto Imam charged with 13 counts of sexual assault netted from investigation.

I heard of this story first on today’s Global TV whose reporters in their “coming up on the news at 5:30” referred to this pervert as a “religious leader’. I knew right away it couldn’t have been a Catholic priest because if it were, they wouldn’t have hesitated for a second to reveal both his name and his Christian denomination. But what I find even more disturbing is this quote from 12 year old Sajid who attends the Baitul  Mukarram mosque:

““I don’t think it’s really like that, because masroor was a good man, he didn’t do anything bad.” ” “It’s not like that because back home, like in Bangladesh, you’re allowed to hit people. It’s OK.”

Updated: Scarborough imam faces 13 charges in sexual assault investigation.

  Aug 17, 2011 – 3:45 PM ET | Last Updated: Aug 17, 2011 3:52 PM ET

Toronto Police handout

Mohammad Masroor

An imam who worked at a Scarborough mosque has been arrested and faces 13 charges in connection with a sexual assault investigation.

Mohammad Masroor, 48, of Toronto, was apprehended August 10 for sexual offences allegedly committed between November 1, 2008 and July 28 of this year. Police have identified five alleged victims, both male and female, and are appealing to others to come forward.

Mr. Masroor worked as an imam at the Baitul Mukarram Islamic Society on Danforth Avenue between Pharmacy and Warden Avenues, where he taught Koranic studies to students. He was on leave at the time of his arrest.

The single storey brick mosque sits on a nondescript corner. Five times a day, the men and boys who are members of this congregation arrive, remove their shoes at the door and join each other in prayer. No women are allowed inside. Attendance here has risen recently as the Muslim community celebrates Ramadan, the holiest month in Islam.

On Wednesday, the usually quiet mosque was surrounded by media, seeking reaction to the news one of its imams has just been charged and faces 13 counts in relation to sex assault and threatening death. Many members are skeptical of the allegations.

“I don’t believe it,” says Mohammad Abdul Halim, who has been a member at this mosque for eight years. “I know he’s a good guy. His character is good all the time.”

Det. Const. Karen Armstrong told a Wednesday morning press conference that “Mohammad Masroor was a leader in the community, he was in a position of trust. Because he was in a position of power, we believe there are other victims.”

A 12-year-old boy called Sajid prays at the Baitul Mukarram mosque. He knew Mr. Masroor, and although he was not aware of the charges laid against the man who once taught him the Koran, the young boy says what constitutes acceptable behaviour depends on where you are.

“I don’t think it’s really like that, because masroor was a good man, he didn’t do anything bad,” says Sajid, who did not want last name used. “It’s not like that because back home, like in Bangladesh, you’re allowed to hit people. It’s OK.”

Mr. Masroor has lived and worked in many countries, Det. Armstrong said, including France, Germany, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and, most recently, in the U.S. in Florida and Michigan.

Mr. Masroor arrived in Toronto in 2008; the investigation started shortly after.

Det. Const. Armstrong said Mr. Masroor was known to his alleged victims, but did not elaborate on their ages or relations to him.

Abdul Fattah Aboud worked as an imam at Baitul Makarram and knows Mr. Masroor. Mr. Aboud told media Wednesday to remember that all individuals are innocent until proven guilty, and his main concern seemed to be the implications of this arrest on the Toronto Muslim community.

“I’m shocked to hear. I worry this will give a bad impact on us, especially on us priests. People won’t trust us,” he said. “Masroor gave sermons here on Fridays, he would lead the service and everybody in this community liked him. [Masroor] was teaching students who were seven, eight, up to 15 years old. People won’t trust us anymore.”

Toronto Police are not working with other police in other jurisdictions outside Canada.

Mr. Masroor is being held in police custody.

Anyone with information is urged to contact 41 Division’s Youth Bureau at 416-808-4105.

15 Replies to “Toronto Imam charged with 13 counts of sexual assault netted from investigation.”

  1. What I find VERY INTERESTING is the fact that the Toronto Police are keeping secret the age of the victims. Almost certainly they are underage (certainly the male victims) – why not mention this fact? If a priest was involved – or any other non-Muslim male – the very FIRST thing we would learn was the age of the victims followed up with how despicable the crimes are. No such value judgement here. But because the accused is a Muslim they keep this info secret lest he get labelled as a “pedophile”. It is DISGUSTING to see how Toronto police treat these Muslim criminals with kid-gloves.

  2. The same things occurred to me Kevin. The information revealed is very, very selective. I just saw the story covered on CTV television and among the charges this guy faces are death threats. The investigation may also reveal that there may be victims world wide. You’re right- when a priest is charged with rape, the ages of the victims are always revealed. The Toronto police treat Muslim criminals with kid gloves because they are pressured to do so by Islamist groups. As long as this continues, justice is spoiled.

  3. I also notice that another imam working at the same mosque, Abdul Fattah Aboud is most concerned with how this will affect the Toronto Muslim community. You’d think his main concern would be centred on the victims. Another sick one.

  4. They ‘re worried about “cultural sensitivities”. I say f&ck “cultural sensitivities when it comes to a sexual predator and probable pedophile. He deserves absolutely no shielding or protection simply because he is muslim. One law and the same protections for all.

  5. “one of its imams has just been charged and faces 13 counts in relation to sex assault and threatening death.”

    Wow he must be deeply religious! The sexual assault charges could be reform Islam but the death threats, you have to be an orthodox follower of Mohamed’s to get nailed with a bunch of those.

    The answer to all this crap from islam to flash mobs? More freedom. Let Canadians arm themselves like Texans. There is a reason Texans are so polite to each other.

  6. In a rational world this would show people what Islamic Imam’s are like, unfortunately we aren’t living in a rational world.

  7. This is a off the wall thought, but as the situations worsen, I figure why not mention it, it can’t make things any worse. so here goes…

    There is this teaching in Judaism that depending on one’s holiness, or the holy things one does, it has the power to either silence opposers, win them in court (using man’s own crooked judgement), or defeat them in battle.

    Its pretty clear Muslims have some apparent holiness in that they are able to silence their accusers. No one in the media can mention neither Islam, Muslim, their battle cries, etc. They are essentially silenced. Which is a low level holiness, of course.

    I wonder if Christians would up their game on holiness what would happen.

    Like I said: an off the wall thought.

  8. Aisha was deflowered at nine, but apparently there is no minimum age restriction for the peculiar custom of “thighing “

  9. Such predators are coming from cultures where women and children are afforded no rights at all. Morally corrupt and degenerate in every respect. Story of their lives, story of their history!. Then; due to the PC/MC culture in the West, they come and nest among the civilized where they continue to spread their decadance and filth. They are not subjected to the same background checks as every one else before being allowed to work with the most vulnerable; the children. If found guilty such swine should be mirco chipped and deported, along with his admirers. Moreover, the mosque should be investigated and made to pay compensation to the victims of their abuse.

  10. Religious nut with Aisha on his mind. In our church we whip the devil out such perverts.Kinshasa, the capital of our great country is not the easiest place in the world to live but we do not tolerate such perversions.

  11. well when Christian priest,muslim imam and jewish rabbi,when they commit crimes,it doesn’t mean something wrong with the religioun,no and no …all the religious in the world they teach the right things,only human likes to chooce wrong paths

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