Riots: London 2012 Olympics ambassador in court for ‘hurling bricks at cops’

So… how is this about poverty again please? Or the disadvantaged? I look forward to the explanation in the light of this

From The Mirror

Rioters attacks police car (pic: Twitter)Rioters attacks police car (pic: Twitter)

Teenage Olympics 2012 ambassador Chelsea Ives is led into court in handcuffs yesterday accused of vandalising a police car.

In a major blow to the Games image, the talented athlete, 18, was also said to have smashed up a Phones4U shop in riots.

Her mum called 999 after apparently spotting her on TV. Adrienne, 47, said: “I had to do what was right.”

 Ives was taken into court early yesterday as magistrates in London, Manchester and Birmingham sat in unprecedented all-night hearings to deal with rioters.

The teenager was one of the young role models picked to encourage youngsters to take up sport in the run-up to 2012.

She has met Olympics chief Sebastian Coe, Boris Johnson and footballer Martin Keown. In 2009, Ives was invited to the Commons after the success of a football project run by Leyton Orient community sport programme.

But on Sunday night she was captured on camera allegedly causing more than £5,000 damage by hurling bricks at a police car in Enfield, North London.

Westminster magistrates court was told Ives boasted to friends she had “the best day ever”.

Becky Owen, prosecuting, claimed the youngster also led an attack on a phone store. She said: “She was first to pick up masonry and hurl it at the window.”

Following the case, mum Adrienne said the decision to call police about her daughter was “gut wrenching”.

But Mrs Ives added: “My husband and I were watching the news and it was absolutely sickening. And then we saw our daughter. I could not believe it.

“She won’t thank us. I will be portrayed as a b**** – but what were we supposed to do?”

Ives denied two charges of burglary, violent disorder and attacking a police car. She was refused bail and remanded in custody until next week when she will appear in court again.

Thugs convicted of the rioting will be banned from working as security at the Olympics.

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9 Replies to “Riots: London 2012 Olympics ambassador in court for ‘hurling bricks at cops’”

  1. Ok, so this scum sucking chick is disenchantised, disafected, downtrodden, how exactly? Is she attempting to show a new Olympic sport perhaps?

    Come on Lefties, lets see what magnificent “excuse” you have for this.

  2. What craziness.

    Is there some place I can read about why do immigrants go to England? (that, I know) and what do they find there that disillusions them or gets them into such a funk? and what of those who want to make something of themselves? whats all the dynamics at work???

    I know in Israel, someone once told me that it was a mistake to give stipend to the newly immigrated Ethiopians. I have a suspicion that because of the language barrier, they thought this money would go on and on and that that’s just how it is in a “rich” countries. They said because (1) every newcomer always starts on the bottom and has to work their way up. But some well meaninged people insist that they get hand outs and many of the Ethiopians begin to think this is the income. (because in that culture, as with any, people work to get money. If there is already money being provided, it sets up a certain lifestyle. And why bother to work?) and (2) the ones who understood and overlooked those stipend did very well for themselves! Their weddings are magnificent I-could-only-wish-for-a-wedding-like-that sort of events!

    My mother is an immigrant from the carribean to America. She did extremely well for herself. If it wasn’t for her, my dad would have brought us to utter poverty. What makes the difference? I could have stayed and enjoyed the benefits. In fact, when I lived in Amer. by college I was already making $19 an hour. Which probably isn’t much by today’s standard, but for a college kid, that was **bank**!!

    Instead, I came to Israel. New immigrant again. But i have the strength and hope of my mother’s victories, urging me on. Its not easy and surrounding myself with hmmm I dont want to say “losers” but people who already gave up, is not helpful. I am glad I am doing okay, and it could all be luck. Its definitely grace of God.

    But I think something is deliberately holding alot of these people in that mentality of victimhood, oppressed, anger, etc. Its obviously (to me) a sell. A propaganda. an idea -especially if even a well to do person is involved in that sort of thinking. But by whom? Who started this? For what? It needs to be cracked. Maybe these people do feel “oppressed” but i’m not entirely sure its by the people they think it is. And even if we can’t crack this “matrix” I think them being threatened with the option of being sent back “home” can cancel the strength of that other propaganda. And to just say its “entitlement culture” is not enough, I feel. How did they get this entitlement thinking? Don’t actions of their host country lead to the entitlement thinking? What’s being done about it?

    (oh also, I know most will say it was mostly Blacks doing the crimes. But I am seeing white looters in alot of the videos. what’s up with that? What would drive them? The same propaganda? I don’t know the whole story yet, but what a crazy sad sad sad thing.)

  3. “She won’t thank us. I will be portrayed as a b**** – but what were we supposed to do?”

    No, you will be saluted by all right-thinking people for your moral integrity. But you must ask yourself what cesspit of twisted and corrupt ideas was the source of your daughter’s irrational and destructive code of values.

  4. The presence of such people is indeed shocking. Yesterday a girl who is a grade A student at a top Uni and a daughter of a millionaire was in court for looting. She stole half a grand of electronic goods. I believe these people are the bored rich and privileged. They are tired of the same old good things coming their way and want to get down and dirty with the rabble.

  5. $19 dollars an hour is comfortably livable..

    I’m in Toronto.. as long as one is debt free and childless, it’s a pretty decent wage..

  6. I saw a picture of that millionaire girl. She is just like me. She is exceedingly white and wealthy. When even females like us who are so blessed behave like this what hope is there for a cure for Boredom. Even the gods contend in vain against boredom.

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