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3 Replies to “Ezra Levant and Robert Spencer on the British riots”

  1. I am glad Ezra is addressing such a crucial question. It seems that violence of all kinds is spreading at the moment. We have witnessed a mass of leftie violence in Greece. The Islamic violence in the Desert world of Arabs as the Arabs Spring into Jihad in Egypt and Tunisia etc. And now the White and Black gangs after a crazed lunatic white terrorist in Norway. White, Black, Brown. The world is a violent place. The Chinese have hit rioters in their muslim provinces. White, Black, Brown, Yellow. It is full the rainbow of human violence. My question is this for the lefties who is the most violent apart from yourselves; mirror mirror on the wall who is the most violent of them all?. Are you sure the Muzzies are the most violent and effective. A terrorist bomb now and again if they get lucky and the rest Islamic bullshit. Come on lefties is your investment in the desert brown man paying off. Have you backed the most violent and effective bringers down of Western Civilisation. Think again. Once again you have made a wrong decision and what if they start beheading you. You promise so much but give so little. Leftie Bullshit and Islamic Bullshit. Well you are both well funded so you can get back to your committees and keep planning the demise of western civilization. Well funded racists will keep talking at the taxpayers expense.

  2. It seems the Arab Jihad did not spring into action fast enough. So much for the Arab and his springing ability.

  3. I made a mistake. The leftie is an opportunist. He does look to see who is the most violent and effective but he will be back anyone and everyone who he can use to spread chaos. Islam is the most vocal and best funded but hardly the most violent. Violence is no monopoly of the Desert Brown man.The notable exception for the left is animal rights activists who do only what they want for the betterment of the lives of animals trapped in circuses etc. Lefties do try. Steven Best in the USA tries so hard. He is a proff of philsophy but the power of animal rights ideology is too strong for his thinking. Actually animal rights trumps his leftie world and leaves it as a mere echo. I like the guy because he show when it comes to ideological purity the animal rights ideology has enough of that to beat of a leftie attack.
    Who is the most violent? Thankfully it is the US army. Lefties of course have infiltrated and allowed Muzzies to infiltrate but the US army is still going out there and killing muzzies on a regular basis.

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