Chinese suspect Islamic terrorism on 2 recent occasions

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mandag, august 1, 2011

Xinjiang, China Reuter reports that Chinese Government suspects Muslim Extremists behind the Sunday attack in Kashgar City in the west region of Xinjiang, the attack has taken the lives of 11 people. The city and region came under the attack is dominated by Muslim Uighurs, which has been struggling the presence of Han Chinese people and political and religious norms imposed by Chinese government, this attack came within 24 hours two blasts went off of in the same city where Muslims Uighurs dominated.

A Kashgar government report said that a religious extremist group led and trained by overseas Muslim terrorist elements is the cause of the week end attack in the city.Preliminary investigation revealed that some top leaders of the extremist group were specially trained in Pakistan by “Islamic Movement of East Turkestan” on how to make bombs and explosives?. A News Agency from Xinhua has reported that the Police has shot dead five and arrested four after a attack on a restaurant and killed the owner and waiter and then ran on the streets and killed four others.
This is another kind of headache to the ruling Community Party in the course of terrorism. Captured extremists have confessed the recent attacks and their top leader had run to Pakistan to with “Islamic movement of East Turkestan”. Chinese police have started investigations in all its angle to nab the culprits and its gang to bring before the justice as soon as possible.

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4 Replies to “Chinese suspect Islamic terrorism on 2 recent occasions”

  1. China like Russia is learning to regret helping the terrorists who attack the west, those same groups are helping the Moslems in China in their revolt.

  2. Come on China, you’re the oldest continuous civillisation in the world. You led the world in almost invention and advancement for 2500 years. Why are you doing business with any Muslim country? Yes the US is your rival but you’re forgetting the water that can float a boat can also sink it!

    I hope we see China’s leadership wake up and join the rest of us against the Islamism…

  3. China is worried about collapsing, their economy is in much worse shape them the media reports, they are also facing massive unrest in all provinces because the economic “miracle” didn’t reach into the country side. Add in a drought that has cost them most of their wheat crop and a fair chunk of their rice crop and you see where China is in no shape to lead anyone.

  4. Hereticable,
    There are Muslims in China for three reasons
    1. The Silk Road
    2. The Mongol/Yuan Empire imported them as civil servants not trusting the Mandarins. Admiral Zheng He, the great explorer, was the grandson of a Persian. He is considered a Han Hui.
    3. China conquered Muslim lands, in particular the Uyghur Khaganate/East Turkestan, or as the Chinese call it Xinjiang.

    ETIM should be eradicated, but this is not just a Muslim-Communist fight. (And if it were, couldn’t they both lose?) The People’s Republic of China is dominated by the (91%) Han {whether all Han are actually Han is another debate). The Sinicization campaign has led to the settlement of 7 million Han chinese in “Xinjiang”. Tibet, Manchuria, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi (homland of the Zhuang ), Yunnan (home to a dozen non-chinese peopes), Ningxia( Hui), etc all face the the same fate. The Uyghurs simply fight back. And they are killing not only Han (Chinese), but also Han Hui, who are essentially Chinese Muslims.

    The Vice Premiere of China, Hui Liangyu, is a communist Han Hui/Muslim. The Han Hui are fully integrated and China will not get rid of them.

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