Ezra levant on the preposterous CBC bias and shifting ethics.

The CBC really is disgusting. If they were a private broadcaster I would just laugh and mock. But as they take over one billion (yes a Carl Sagan Billion) dollars of tax payers hard earned money every single year, I think Canadians should revolt and shut them down. At the very least, it should be privatized with no more guarantees and the same regulations that private broadcasters have. THanks Bad Faun for sending me this clip.

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4 Replies to “Ezra levant on the preposterous CBC bias and shifting ethics.”

  1. A Carl Sagan BILLION? That’s 1,000 million, just so I can hear every second radio show or interview from strictly NDP perspective – you’d think the NDP was the only party in the damn country!

  2. I oppose all government funded news organizations, they are a sign of a government that is afraid of letting the public know what is actually happening.

  3. Richard, we have a CONSERVATIVE majority. The CBC has its own agenda, and it’s definitely NOT conservative, it’s Leftist. The only focus on the non-news shows involving government policy are strictly the Left’s views. I can’t remember the last time I heard a point of view of anyone in the sitting government, either federal or provincial. It’s NDP all the way (oh maybe a little Green Party).

    And I agree with you, even though the CBC does not reflect our government’s viewpoint, publicly-funded media is inherently corruptible and should be disbanded.

  4. I don’t care who the majority it, governments funded and controlled news organizations are an evil that will eventually turn into the propaganda arm of the government.

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