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4 Replies to “Jason Kenney on CBC: immigrant fraud”

  1. Typical BS.

    Smoke and mirrors, all of it.

    Wanna bet that most of those 1800 are wealthy Hong Kong Chinese and others who will never make use of Canada’s free healthcare or other ‘benefits?’

    This is not something that makes Canada safer or keeps Mohammedans out. This is about well to do individuals who wanted to have a second passport and a safe haven in Canada.

    Stupid, bureaucratic grandstanding.

  2. Yes, some real policy makers with intellect that can foresee the cultural implications of the present numbers of immigrants and refugees, these people need to assist in writing rationale for bills to be presented to the house to cut these dangerous levels in half at least to begin the process.
    The eroneous concepts of ‘need more workers’ and ‘must pay for future baby boomers’ need to be confronted by thinking people and perticularly the media who promote these types of rationale so that the masses believe this nonsense….
    There are other solutions to any economic concerns, and the major one is to cut immigration and refugee numbers in half, just think that would save hundreds of BILLIONS OVER A COUPLE OF YEARS,
    We must not be muzzled by these low level thinking solutions to our economic concerns…. and surely these institutes some of which have some very bright futuristic thinkers that can present these policies to Harper and Kenny, and the most importantly, create some bills to present to the house to change this legislation
    some bills filled with facts that can be openly debated by the braindead left and liberal opposition.

  3. Oh ya, here is the biggest assinine part of the rationale about not having enough for the boomers, guess how many people are invited here as family members and get to collect old age security after living here only 10 years……millions and millions
    this is so outrageous that one can hardly comprehend it, and that little fascist son of the big fascist trudeau and the former liberals, recently wanted to pass a bill through the house with no public awareness, under the wire, so th,at these parasite could collect after living here only, get this, 3 THREE years….if that isn’t a fuccccing slap in the face to all the people who have lived and worked here all their lives and paid into these programs through their taxes….

  4. Jason Kenney is proving to be the typical politican. Talking from both sides of his mouth and elsewhere too. Nothing much will happen to the fraudsters. This is all fanfare to make us believe that the conservative govt is doing the right stuff.

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