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Seems his facebook page has been removed. Here are screen captures of the page that is said to be the facebook page of the man accused of all the horror today in Oslo Norway.


The ‘Wall’ below the more:




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  1. Just read in the comments of a page about this that this FB page was made only 5 days ago but of course it could be an unfounded rumor. How can one look such things up?

  2. I am reminded of the phoney hate crime attack last year. In the lead up to the GZM protest a guy asked a cab driver if he was muslim then stabbed him. People were crowing about how it showed that the anti GZM protests were inciting people to attack muslims. Then it turned out he was working for “an unamed” group doing activism for the mosque!

    He was impressionable and unstable, a young art student who had spent time in a war zone, an environment he absolutely should not have been in, and who had become alcoholic afterwords. Agent provacateurs look for such people in political groups and manipulate them to do extreme things either for the cause or to sabotage the cause. The book Toxic Sludge is Good For You has a chapter on this nefarious tactic.

    Like that event – the more we learn about this man the more odd the story becomes.

  3. It does seem be a strange set of interests. I mean it does seem made up. I like Shakespeare myself but I would not have put something like First Folio. I mean who does that. Normally it is Macbeth or Midsummer Night’s Dream or some other name of of a play. No one says the first Folio. Think about it has anyone ever said that as a student of Shakespeare. And then jjk999 says this FB page was made only five days ago. Someone without knowledge of Shakespeare may have put it together. Maybe he thought First Folio was a play!

  4. Religious Views Conservative Christian. Seems like the Mcveigh story is about to be unleased by the media once again to silence any critics of Islam. Still it is possible that the guys is just nuts. My worry is that for the counterjihad this is bad. If it turns out to really be nutcase who hates muslims the media will spin this out of control and enslave all with Islam. Oh right they pretty much have already.

  5. Negroess:

    There most certainly is something rotten in the state of Norway. This guy can’t be nuts as his trade-craft as a terrorist is far far exceeding that of even well practised ones who spent time in camps in Pakistan etc.

    This looks bad for the counter jihad but sooner or later people will ask themselves as to why someone who really was an admirer of Fjordman etc. would choose those targets and not, well, a set of targets that actually make sense. Mark Twain once said, ‘A lie can travel around the world before the truth can tie it’s shoes’ and this quite literally happened in this case. But the truth will out. And I believe it will only grow the counter jihad, whatever that truth is, as the truth favours freedom seeking people who wish to preserve their own way of life despite what false flags may be foisted upon them.

  6. Thanks for digging that up OxAO. From the looks of it on my first reading this guy does not seem to be stupid. He does seem pretty intelligent. It does make things even more complicated. I just wish he had been a straight A idiot but it turns out that is not the case. Plus as Eeyore pointed out he had the trade-craft involved in the bombing which seems to suggest a lot more intelligence than the average muzzie who often fails to even detonate his explosives.

  7. Here is a quote from Breivik:
    “National Socialism has always been an extreme left ideology then why are they trying constantly to strategically place it on the right side?
    If you hate capitalism and the free market, such as Marxists, Nazis and Islamists do, attained the left side, period.”

    He loved the free market and what i find really odd was his writings he is always polite and courteous. Has anyone that was out to kill masses of people ever been polite and courteous?

    There is a link to a bog that he posts to. Which quotes the web sites “Gates of Vienna” and “Jihad Watch”

    I just the facts giving no opinion of this.

  8. Interesting stuff, and disturbing to find someone who shares a lot of my political views who can carry out such a horrible act. If I were a leftist, I’d be distancing myself from the views held by the guy but I’m not a hypocrite so I can’t. I can only imagine that Breivik was mentally ill at the time, as his paranoid writings suggest.

  9. He was a neo-Nazi and not a Christian conservative. Also, he was a member of the Mason club. No Christian believes in the rubbish that the masons believe in. I fail to understand why the press keeps on saying he was a muslim hater when I doubt any muslims were killed in this terrorist attack by this idiot. If he really and truly meant harm to the muslims he would have gone to a mosque to do his damage … after all it was a Friday and he would have found many collected there for their prayers.
    The more we think about this, the more confused we will get.
    Don’t believe a word the lefty media is saying. And, furthermore, don’t believe a word coming from the Norway’s far left govt.

  10. Vlad, check out this video. Apparently it was made by Breivik, but of course who can tell if that’s true or not. Note approx 8.10 onwards ..

  11. One has to wonder what is going on in Norway. A week earlier there was a report of a 15 year old girl who was raped outside the parliment building in Oslo while the security guards within did nothing to stop the attack. Then this guy goes on a monstrous rampage killing his fellow country men including children, all while claiming he hated MC/immigration and the political system. If the monster hated the system so much why would he go to such extremes to serve the far left extremist elements in this manner?

    The guy’s face book account does not add up at all. This guy was well educated and highly articulate. He was well able to engage and express his views and on public forums. He was using quotes from classics such as John Mills- “The Rights of Man”. Better still he liked classical music and of course he was Christian, blue eyed and blonde. All this does not fit the bill of some intellectually defective loner with psychopathic tendencies living in a dark world of his own, unable to avail himself of the democractic process. Moreover; he does not sound like some barnyard sheep, who could be lead and said and herded into a corner before ending up on the dinner table, or does he sound so gullible he could swallow a frying pan if some authoritarian told him it was made of chocolate.
    Maybe, just maybe this was all a front for something else. Time will tell. Certainly, his actions spoke louder than his words.

    My heart goes out to the families of the dead and the injured. May God help them comes to terms with their grief!

  12. His intelligence can not be doubted. He was intelligent. His psychology however is something we need to look at. Stanton Peele Phd pychologist says a profile of an extremely dangerous person is as follows: extremely high motivation for vengeance; significantly high need for status or attention; extremely low need for honor (which motivates morality); and extremely low need for idealism (which motivates concern for people you never met). In other words, the person is very angry, attention seeking, totally amoral, and totally unmotivated by concern for the species. Whether or not such a person will actually do anything may depend on how sensitive the individual is to anxiety.
    With this analysis we do have the idea of person who is intelligent, and a long term planner, a person who in his long term horizon expands his mind by reading Western Classics like The Prince by Machiavelli and writing on blogs about his concerns about the social engineering experiments of the Cultural Marxist elite of western society. His pychology of long term planning, intelligence and amorality and seeking attention drives him on and he causes this atrocity. He could easily have been a person of another ideological persuasion and still have all these other characteristics that make him the disturbed and psychologically deranged person he is.

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