Police: At least 80 killed in Utøya

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Fears that the death toll will rise further

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Published 23.07.11 – 3:07, edited 23.07.11 – 4:07 (AP)

(AP) Police with the shock message last night: At least 80 people are killed on Utøya.

AP follows

At a news conference Friday night police said the shocking number of casualties.

– What we can say now is that there are at least 80 killed in Utøya. The reason it has taken some time before we have gone out with this, because it has taken a long time to scan the area, said police director Oystein Maeland at a press conference at 3:40 on Friday night.

The police say they fear that the number of casualties will continue to rise.

Police said the most important thing for them now is that all the relatives’ needs are met.

– The event is truly exceptional. It is important to us that the next of kin in this phase are taken care of, says Maeland.

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Witnesses at the site has given a surreal drama in which at least one person dressed as a policeman mercilessly began to fire at the youngsters at summer camp.

In a panic, tried several of the victims to escape to the sea, but the man should have continued shooting.

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There is now an intense exploration campaign by people who escaped the drama and who are still missing around Utøya. Several people fled in panic into the sea when the man opened fire on AUF’s summer camp.

40 dog handlers from the Norwegian Rescue Dogs looking now on land and along the waterfront for survivors.

– We are looking for people who are still missing. Now we hope only those still alive, says operations manager in the Norwegian Rescue Dogs in Buskerud, Vivian Karlsen.

VGTV: Lise and John rescued Utøya-young: – We looked like floating in the water

She said that the circumstances of the search could not be more unreal.

– Everyone is obviously strongly influenced over what has happened, but we have to stay focused and do our job, says Karlsen.

She would not comment about the dog patrols have made some discoveries in the evening hours.

Police still run the search at the site in cooperation with the military and volunteer rescuers from the Red Cross, Norwegian People’s Aid and the Norwegian Rescue Dogs. It sought both on the island and the water around.

AP will be back with more!

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One Reply to “Police: At least 80 killed in Utøya”

  1. Let me point out that we don’t have all of the facts yet (or perhaps any of them).

    Just for starters, there hasn’t been a trial yet. We don’t even know if the person arrested was the actual shooter (assuming that there was only one shooter, which we still don’t know).

    We also don’t know who actually left the comments that are purportedly from the shooter.

    Nor do we know the extent to which the police and the judicial system in Norway are honest. These cases become political footballs. There have certainly been enough problems with that in the US, especially with regard to high-profile crimes and assassinations.

    Anybody can leave comments on just about any website, forum, or blog that allows comments. They can leave comments under somebody else’s name if they feel like it, and the website owner generally won’t know.

    Let me point out something else: A blog, forum, or website is not responsible for the mental health (or lack of it) of its commenters. We don’t know who those people really are. Some commenters are undoubtedly imposters.

    We’ve had some looney tunes commenting on 1389 Blog, which is, of course, another counterjihadist site. Even though a few such commenters seem to have agreed with our viewpoint (at least to the extent that we can figure out what they are talking about), we don’t like getting comments from people who seem to be incoherent or mentally unbalanced. That is partly why we moderate the comments. If we were to accept no comments from anybody at all, that would cut us off from any dialog with our audience, and that would cut down on readership.

    I will make two further comments:

    Whoever left the comments under the name of Breivik was not connected with the counterjihad movement to any real extent, simply because he (or they) would know by now never to use Little Green Footballs for a source of information.

    Whoever shot up the youth camp wasn’t a Christian, despite what he (or others) might claim. That isn’t something that a Christian would do.

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