Ever enjoyed a Spanish wine or a paella? Maybe you are entitled to do this:

Since the suicidal cult of multiculturalism has allowed Muslims to break a large portion of our own laws with impunity on a day to day basis from turning public schools into mosques to wearing a full disguise on the street and in banks I think its time we used the same horrid laws and reasoning to get the same rights for ourselves, with the likely result that the multi-culty laws will be scrapped, as they should be, for all.

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a glass of Tinto, Spanish red wine or a fine Paella or even listened to a Paco De Lucia record could argue they have a right to express Spanish culture. Anyone who has been brought up in a Christian culture can argue that they should be allowed to express that culture here in Canada. As a fan of all three Spanish cultural manifestations I mention, and someone who was immersed in Christian culture from birth, I think I have the legal right to wear the clothes shown below on the bus, in banks and jewelry stores and public schools. I’m pretty sure I would be arrested, but I can’t see how the same arguments used by Muslims would not apply in every single context to these fine costumes, all of which date back much farther than the Muslim ones we are all so used to now, and continue to this day in Spain.

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4 Replies to “Ever enjoyed a Spanish wine or a paella? Maybe you are entitled to do this:”

  1. Sorry Srs,
    but this costume isn`t a regular costume, and only they wear these clothes by a reason ,they feels himself as a offenders
    they are offender,.s and as so they wear these clothes, when they accompanying a ” paso religioso ” in a procession, in public to show their repentance.

    this is a religious tradition here, and Muslims do not like anything at this tradition
    there are always disturbances here during these religious.

    sorry but english isn´t my primary lenguage

  2. Indeed, this is the dress of the “penitentes” that parade during Easter with the “pasos”.

    BTW, the processions themselves are an expression of the Catholic reject during the Baroque of the iconofobic sects that had been eradicated from Spanish territory: Mohamedanism, Judaism and Protestantism.

    Sure, mostly the first, which took root in the south of Spain. That is why the most spectacular once take place in Andalucía.


  3. It´s seems to be so
    the cone of the ” Nazarenos ” comes from the prisoners punished by the Inquisition,
    comes from the thirteenth century.
    is a symbol of sinful,is distinctive as a sinner
    take, is a penance
    in the background, the kkk are shown as sinners .

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