The European Union, penalizing a member state… for suggesting adoption over abortion.

Two articles on this one. The first, left by DP111, juxtaposes the near demonic vanity of the European Union and its proposed new Mega-Monument to itself and the fact that it seems to be so morally certain of it’s position that abortion should be preferred to adoption of potentially unwanted children, that it will financially penalize a member state for daring to suggest it. I am speechless.

Thanks to G.I. for this second article on the same subject.


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3 Replies to “The European Union, penalizing a member state… for suggesting adoption over abortion.”

  1. No, the ruling elite will never give up their right to dupe women into providing their unborn children as willing blood sacrifices to their god Molech. Because if they were born they’d be unwanted like the rest of the unwashed masses who use up ‘their’ resources and pollute their sacred Gaia. If you can’t tell, people who enable the murder of children make me sick. It is another holocaust which has already far surpassed others to date. If they were so concerned about overpopulation or ‘unwanted’ people they would’ve reduced their immigration numbers instead of letting their numbers explode.

  2. The fact that we accept abortion in this country for unwanted pregnancies is because we have had this debate and reason has won out over the backward idiotic mentality of religious fanatics that belong in the 19th century. Thank goodness, and likely because he knows that women all over this country who stand for reason above backward religious beliefs and cult propaganda would immediately demand action, our PM has promised never to reopen this volitile issue during his term. The reason it is volitile is because of the uncontrollable religious fanatics who refuse to accept medical procedures based on religious doctorine that is thousands of years old. Or, they are the ones who follow a pope pedophile supporter who has been responsible for the over population in the last 6 decades of all undeveloped latino countries because of his evil stand on birth control, All these are as equally disgusting in their attempts to enforce gender apartheid on women through demanding to control their bodies through state legislation.
    Any man who is in favor of limiting the rights of a woman to choose should shut his mouth.

  3. Morticia:

    That is not the issue here. It isn’t about the legality of abortion. It is that the EU is penalizing a state just for suggesting that adoption might be a better solution than abortion. I think that is sick and twisted. Abortion is at best a necessary evil, and when it isn’t necessary it is simply evil. And even that is not the issue. The EU has no right to determine this sort of non-legal moral issue for member states. That defines totalitarianism even if you agree with their position. Lastly, if people were to consider adoption over abortion, there might be a few more people with generally liberal and Western views in Europe instead of the genuine article in terms of ancient, misogynistic primitives populating Europe right now.

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