JDL attacked in France by leftists and Muslims

Below, a video of the events. For clarity, below that is the explanation I was sent by Bad Faun.

LDJ dérouillée à Marseille "bateau Gaza" by pensetouseul

It takes courage to show up at a gathering of Muslims and Leftists with the Israeli flag. Noticed that the French police arrested the three Jews and not the Muslim-Nazi (to use a tautology) attackers. Having the Israeli flag on you is a “provocation”. The crowd chanting like zombies: “racist murderers” while punching and kicking Jews isn’t.

How do you like the new vibrant, multiculti France? The rampant Islamization of Europe spells further isolation of Israel on the international scene.

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5 Replies to “JDL attacked in France by leftists and Muslims”

  1. They call this a peaceful rally? My ass.
    The Nazis should have been thrown in jail. Who gets thrown in jail? The innocent ones who carried the flag of Israel. They’ll probably be charged with inciting a riot.

    This just goes to show that Europe is reverting right back to the old Hitler/Nazi days.
    History has a strange way of repeating itself and it seems that each regime that comes along, forgetful generations later, it is 20 times worse than the previous one. Islam is much worse than National Socialism because it won’t just be the Jews they’ll come for next time around…it will be any Infidel that gets in their way and refuses to submit to Islamic sharia law.
    WWIII is just around the corner, folks. Problem is…who is going to rescue Europe this time? We’ll all be too busy dealing with our own leftist/islamist problems at home.

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