Son of Hamas founder on Finnish TV.

Thanks to Tundra Tabloids for sending me this link, here is an edited version of the interview with the Son of Hamas founder, Mosab Hassan Yousef. I have removed the Finnish translations from the interview for brevity, but this host is well known for honest translations so there is nothing missing in terms of honest content.

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  1. The Finnish interviewer’s attitude was much more revealing than Yousef’s answers. This Finn is just incredulous! He can’t believe what Yousef is saying – “How can you say that?” Where is your love?” etc. Just goes to show that there are some people that you cannot convince and that you will not be able to save from their own madness. This Finn is unwilling to see the truth that is staring him right in the face and he is unwilling or unable to distinguish between what is good and what is evil. Finland is DOOMED!

  2. Now I thought Mossab Yousef was secretly waring with Israel according to Shoebat. I think it might have been this blog that I read about that from. Which is it?

  3. Yes Walid seems to not like this fellow. But short of any evidence on Shoebat’s claims, I’ll continue to take his word for it that he is a good guy. Doubly so as I cannot figure what he would gain from his positions. What would he infiltrate? Who could he get close to? When I hear someone like Tarek Ramadam there is tons of evidence that he says different things in different languages to different audiences and its clear as day what it is he hopes to gain with his ‘Grime Wormtoungue’ act. But I can’t see the percentage for Yousef.

  4. Come on guys, Shoebat and Mosab has been reconciled, check it out on Shoebats website!

    Mosab is a hero of truth, may he have great succes in spreading it to the whole world.

  5. This is a Google translation
    Hope you understand

    * We must not let a terrorist organization – Land
    This will strengthen the worldwide terrorist
    * Palestinians autonomy in better – than another dictatorship like Libya, Syria, Iran,
    * Palestinians living in Israel a better – than all the world’s Muslims
    But if it’s a Muslim country – she would see just like all Muslim countries
    * Hamas does not represent Arabs living in Israel, but the interests of Iran
    * Iran occupied the Huzistan Arbistan – and take away all of its oil
    She gives him money to finance terrorism
    * The Arab street – want to live under Israeli rule and know the problem is the terrorists
    And if they get a state, it’s only going to get worse
    * There is no Palestinians – are Muslims who do not want religious compulsion Jews or Christians in the Middle East

  6. Say no to the state of Sharia law which would hang gays
    Stoned women, and kill every infidel in Islam
    And clamp down on all political civil protest

    * Jerusalem was never the capital of “Palestinians”
    * Original Palestinians believed idolatry
    * Palestinians were invaders – who tried to conquer Egypt and settled in Gaza lost

  7. I heard Mosab Hassan Yousef speak recently in Melbourne.

    He is either a psychologist, con artist or brilliant actor who is able to tell us exactly what we want to hear, therefore comes over as being genuine (nothing would please me more to be proved wrong) but after examining some facts, I am left with feelings of ambivalence and remain unconvinced.

    Nurtured by Islamic mothersmilk in a home with a father who was one of the founders of Hamas, and who participated alongside his father in terrorist activities for which he was imprisoned by the Israeli’s….to become an apostate by converting to Christianity after reading the Bible where Jesus states: “Love thine enemy as thyself”…….? Is this really possible?

    It is true that when Israeli security approached him to work for them, he agreed to do so if they would stop targeting his father. It is also true that he did provide the Israeli’s with some useful information that saved lives..but it suited him to do so
    in order to gain their trust.

    But what about the Quranic principle of Tekiyya? (Those who leave the faith must be killed). What about the notorious Islamic ”Doublespeak” as Walid Shoebat points out in his translations of what Yousef says in Arabic to his Arabic audiences on television, which so differs from what he says to his English audiences. (Many of these interviews can be seen on Google) Shoebat also states that Yousef neither denies the accuracy of his translations, nor the fact that he had said what he did.

    Some examples:
    “Israel is the cause of all our problems…this must be corrected”

    “I only say I am pro-Israel, but in my book I mainly explain the suffering of my people. We must be responsible to our cause first.”

    “Yes, I do work for Israeli security, but Israel works to my agenda”

    In one of his interviews he is seen wearing the keffiye…which has become symbolic of
    Arafat and what he stood for.

    Please tell me I am wrong…I would like to be!

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