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2 Replies to “Ezra Levant speaks to Geert on his acquittal”

  1. What a delightful victory for Western Civilization (and for Geert).
    I believe that the single most urgent thing in the world today is the need for people to study the Quran and the religion of Islam – to give the whole ideology a good hard honest look. I believe that the Imams know this and are willing to do whatever it takes to prevent such learning from becoming wide-spread.
    If Geert Wilders had lost yesterday, Muslims the world over would be launching similar lawsuits the minute anybody said anything about Islam, and pointing to the Wilders trial and damn well winning because of its precedent. And, of course, wouldn’t they have loved being able to call him an “extreme right-wing hate monger” with impunity. I have no doubt that teeth are gnashing across the Muslim World. Good!

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