Denmark passes law for automatic deportation of criminal immigrants.

This is a great step back from the abyss for civilization. Now, if an immigrant commits a crime while in Denmark, they will be automatically deported right after their sentence is served. There are still some caveats such as ‘certainty that their life is in danger’ or related matters but according to this article the burden of proof has been reversed as the deportation is now automatic and it will be up to the defense to prove that it cannot legally be done. This likely will pit Denmark against the EU even more as does its new enforcing of its own borders. It looks like some people are coming to grips with reality at last. Thanks for the link Snaphanen and here is the link for the machine translation.

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6 Replies to “Denmark passes law for automatic deportation of criminal immigrants.”

  1. I have to say this makes me happy for Denmark, but I suspect this won’t be the last we’ve heard of this. Perhaps they’ve already started rioting and killing people over this bill, but if not, I’m sure the savagery will commence soon enough

  2. This is really great. It’s quite like Switzerland’s Ausschaffungsinitiative, approved in a popular referendum last November.

    As we can expect, opponents of such measure, slickly and shamelessly peddling the lie that “islam is a race” for years, in order to criticize opponents of sharia and islamization/opensewerization of civilized countries, will now make even louder noises aimed at trying to convince people that FOREIGN CRIMINAL is an ethnicity. I’ve actually seen a few examples of this.

    Before Swissinfo adopted an ultra-islamophilic and politically-correct comment-moderation policy a few months ago, it was still possible to get a discussion on its articles going. And, shockingly, a few Britons (as though the UK hadn’t been experience any kind of trouble from criminal activities by Porkistanis living on its soil) actually tried to argue that the Swiss popular initiative to deport foreign criminals was racist, and continued to do so even after other readers had challenged them to prove that foreign criminal was an ethnicity, with “arguments” like “if you want to expel foreign criminals from your country, you have to be a racist.” Sure, sure. Just as if one has a problem with women being treated like livestock, with the lack of law-enforcement against domestic violence, welfare fraud, subsidizing through your taxes polygamous families producing little bedouin nazis by the truckload, the sexual grooming of infidel teenage girls, gang rapes, carbecues, vandalism and the rest of the islamic package, they have to be a racist, right?

  3. Great stuff. Well said Proud_ Kufir. Foreign criminal an ethnicity! Remember to check that to see if there is a box to tick that when you get your next government form to fill in.

  4. It is a good start, we use to do this in the US but are now having to fight the left over every person we want to deport.

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