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5 Replies to “Multicultural Sydney Sheikh Feiz Mohammad preaches Islam”

  1. An excellent preacher. Possibly the best preacher Islam has. Full of hate for the infidel and love for muslims, Allah and Mo. He says it like it is. An excellent friend of the counterjihad.

  2. There is an old prayer that goes something “Lord give me enemies who are stupid.” This man fits that description.

  3. Here is another example of a guy who needs hygiene counselling. Even his nostrils have way too much hair. I bet his teeth have tons of plaque and what about his back, likely a mass of fifly matted hair. When he bends his bum toward allah five times a day, can you imagine what a mess that is???? But I won’t go there. I still can’t figure out why islamics want foot baths in their cult rooms instead of bidets.

  4. If Australians had any sense, they’d strip this thing naked and make it (not him) run in the middle of the street while being hosed down by a crew of firefighters, following him on top of a fire truck… To really make it look like the clown that it is for everyone to see.

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