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10 Replies to “Lampedusa refugee crisis”

  1. Why did youtube think this video was not appropriate?
    Anyway, this whole refugee, immigrant thing, the tip of the iceberg, in another decade there will be, how many?, half a billion refugees, maybe more?, and then you get these do gooder philanthopists like Bill Gates, donating trillions to vaccinate the babies in African countries, the biggest bandage of all, so they all grow up to join the masses of starving refugees instead of putting the money into educating the ignoramous backward men to use condoms, or just providing them vastectomies on a wide scale to limit their populations until they can develop to the point of being able to provide at least enough food for themselves, instead we just provide weapons so they can cull themselves with wars, and mass migrations, and be sure to vaccinate them all in the refugee camps and drought ridden regions where they have been driven.

    Fix the fishing boats, send them all back to where they came from, including all the fake Tamil bullshite refugees in Canada, and insist on new agreements with the UN, on intake of refugees and immigrants, or just get out of the UN, Now before we all go down in the sinking ship, It is not going to get any better, it will only get worse, and we better have a long term plan, do we? I doubt it, because very few leaders have the courage to go beyond the social work mentality. Why should any country in Europe accept those fake refugees, and by the way, how come no one pointed out the most sickening and obvious fact, that there WERE NO WOMEN on these boats, and that in a nutshell is a basic difference in the type of underlying premises in the cultures, Europeans would save the women, children, the weak and unable to defend themselves, those would be the first to escape, but not so in all these backward countries

  2. They are all Muslims. Once they are here, chain migration will start, and the day of reckoning when Muslims are a majority, will become ever more near.

  3. Europe has deteriorated into a continent of milquetoasts. These African men have come uninvited to find jobs that pay better than the ones at home or to live on welfare. As illegal aliens they deserve basic comfort and care until they can be hauled back to their own countries. That is the humanitarian treatment they deserve, nothing more. If that had happened from the start, the flow of invaders would have quickly stopped. What about the rights of the citizens? Humane treatment doesn’t mean handing over jobs and allowing them to change a traditional way of life and faith. And not least in importance, they are all carrying a weapon called sperm.
    Eventually they would all find girlfriends and start to produce children, all Muslims, when Europe is only beginning to face up to the danger Islam presents to western civilization.

  4. Hey BW why are your videos gone at the link you posted? And why was the one Vlad posted above marked by Youtube??? Anybody?

  5. I agree with morticia. Fake refugees from third world is a real problem. In fact I noticed the West had been gullibly accepting a lot of these fake aggressive oppressive refugees in the past from africa and asia and that is how the rot start to set in the West.

  6. My goodness. I’m not so sure i’m glad I stumbled upon this documentary.
    It saddens my heart how some people in the ‘west’ have become so pompous and oblivious to the core of the issue. Why doesn’t the EU create a fund for educating the refugees and attempting to integrate them with you. Tackle it with educating the right wingers and to educate the ‘muslim refugees’. And I am telling you, as a ‘Muslim, and Egyptian’ that they are real refugees. Women and children in the middle-east will not risk this journey. That’s why they are all men. Almost all of them single, unemployed all of their lives, and ignorant. Its not the EU’s fault or responsibility that they are this way, I understand, but one would just think that maybe, maybe the west being so ‘Developed’ would see the situation more ‘progressively’ by helping them through true education and with an open mind. It is your rejection of them that makes all the Turks, Morroccans, etc, in your ‘filthy’ neighborhoods, this is what turns them into ‘goons’ or whatever. Put yourselves in their place and think twice before resorting to bashing refugees.

  7. And seriously, for all you commentors who have posted resentful comments, I urge u to watch the documentary again and focus on the good people. what ever happened to being ‘HUMAN’ ??

  8. Migrants who called themselves refugees should start blaming their own inhumane tribes from their eastern countries of origin for their plight. I think those migrants from middle east, africa, asia, who called themselves refugees who failed to acknowledge their own inhumane culture from the east are themselves frequently more inhumane than the West.

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