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2 Replies to “More on Greek resistance to reality by Russia TV”

  1. This is the type of rioting and revolts they want to see in all Western countries. This is why they try to build dependency on the State and promote Cultural Marist ideals of ‘Social Justice’. There clearly aren’t enough paramilitary police to deal with the rioters and you can see their unwillingness to restore the order especially since it helps the Statists cause to let them to continue to riot. No, they didn’t want the cameras to identify the government provocateurs amongst the protesters, did they?

  2. The far left is pushing to have riots that they think will turn into revolts in all Western nations, if they get very unlucky they will get their wish. One of the first rule of left wing revolutions is that after the revolt succeeds the first thing you do is murder the revolutionaries. This is done because you can’t govern any nation on the principles that the left pushes prior to the revolution.

    The reporter should have said to hell with her makeup and washed out her eyes, she risked heavy damage to them.

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