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The judge who said she “could not imagine a more racist incident” desperately needs a reality check. 1. Islam is not a race and what this guy did was no more racist or criminal than if he left copies of Saving Private Ryan outside Nazi headquarters during a meeting on the final solution. Or opening a Che T shirt stand outside communist party headquarters. He did something that was offensive to an offensive ideology. If the judge wants to know what real racism sounds like, she should go to any 3 mosques anywhere on earth and perhaps especially in the U.S. and U.K. Clearly she pretends that what was shown in ‘Undercover Mosque‘ was a series of isolated incidents and the exception that proves the rule as did the events in Undercover Mosque 2, the return.

Racist who filled Muslims’ shoes with ham as they prayed in a mosque walks free from court

By Daily Mail Reporter

The Daily Mail:

Last updated at 6:55 PM on 6th June 2011
<Thug: Racist Jamie Knowlson cried as he was handed a six-month suspended sentence and 150 hours community serviceThug: Racist Jamie Knowlson cried as he was handed a six-month suspended sentence and 150 hours community service

A racist thug who stuffed ham into the shoes of Muslim worshippers at a mosque has escaped a jail term.

Jamie Knowlson, 30, also draped slices of the meat – which Muslims are banned from eating – on railings outside the mosque as his victims prayed inside.

He was then caught on CCTV hurling abuse at worshippers after they confronted him over his sacrilegious act.

Islam teaches its followers to avoid pig meat as it makes them impure and unclean.

Knowlson initially told police the stunt was a drunken joke but later admitted that he was fully aware of the offence his actions would cause.

He pleaded guilty to causing racially or religiously aggravated harassment and could have been jailed for up to two years.

But walked free from Bristol Crown Court with a suspended six-month prison sentence because he had returned to the mosque to apologise for his actions.

Sentencing, Her Honour Judge Carol Hagen said: ‘It is difficult to imagine a more offensive incident.

‘Not only the fixing of meat to railings but aggravated, in my view, that members of the mosque were inside praying at the time.’

The court heard that Knowlson, from Kingswood, Bristol, targeted the Al-Baseera mosque in the St Judes area of the city which is used by more than 2,000 Somali Muslims every week.


He crept to the mosque from nearby Redwood House homeless shelter on January 9 this year – putting ham in footwear and on railings outside the building as worshippers prayed.

CCTV footage showed him returning to the shelter, where he was confronted by the mosque’s caretaker Abdi Djmaa.

As Mr Djmaa returned to the mosque he heard shouts of ‘the next visit will be harder’, ‘bad meat’ and ‘girls’ coming from the direction of the building.
Offence: Knowlson was caught putting ham in the shoes of worshippers at the Al-Baseera Centre in Bristol Offence: Knowlson was caught putting ham in the shoes of worshippers at the Al-Baseera Centre in Bristol

David Hunter, prosecuting at Bristol Crown Court, said it had been a premeditated attack specifically targeted at the Muslim community.

The court heard that shamed Knowlson had returned to the mosque to apologise after the hate crime.

Ian Halliday, defending, said: ‘This was a brutal, misconceived, drunken prank.’

He returned to the mosque and offered his apologies in person.

Knowlson sat in tears as he was handed a six-month suspended sentence  and 150 hours of unpaid work.

A second man is due to stand trial in connection with the incident later this month.

After sentencing, Mubarak Mohamud, one of the three imams at the Al-Baseera mosque, claimed the inflammatory act had upset the Muslim community.

He said: ‘There wasn’t anger, people were more upset and shocked.

‘We don’t eat pork and we are banned by our faith from eating it, as it makes us impure when we are going to our prayers.

‘We don’t hate the man – we just suppose he doesn’t know us.’

Knowlson refused to comment after leaving court.
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  1. So, those moslems who pushed their halal meat everywhere even when we nonbelievers are in the vicinity find their halal meat as obviously offensive, are not racist thugs?
    Imagine how the jail will be flooded with moslems, if we nonbelievers start to prosecute those moslems (who pushed their halal meat everywhere) for their insensitive offensive acts that continuously upset us nonbelievers.

  2. I sometimes wonder who my father was. I was brought up a vegan muzzie. So Hey I am not pushing this halal stuff. I am totally opposed to all meat. I am culturally a brown muzzie bastard but I am with the counterjihad once hundred percent. As far as I can see this guy is not a vegan. So I condemn him for his buying meat, but as for what he did, Bravo. I just wish you could have done it without meat that is all I am saying.Good on yer mate and give up meat and dairy and rescue some pigs and get in the good books of Animal Liberation Front.

  3. Very punny.
    This judge is an idiot, perhaps when someone she knows is brutalized by the islamics in her area, she will change her tune.
    I agree the sole man just silly for getting caught.
    He needed a good lawyer, a fine would have been sufficient/

  4. And, as I’ve seen many people mention in the comments section at the DM, when those black-cube-worshipping monsters burn poppies, it’s a-ok for the UK inJustice System to let them off the hook with a £ 50 fine.

  5. The counter jihad does need to be made in places like Bristiol very strongly. The muzzie presence is weak and it should remain so. This guy is a pioneer in nipping in the bud the potential islamacisation of an area. There are three areas in the uk. The muzzie ghetto. The inbetween places like Bristol. The places which are muzzie free. A great deal of places in the uk are completely free of muzzies. They are the wealthy villages and there are a lot of these. The English people have insulated themselves through the high price of propety from cultural enrichment from the black cube worshipping brown muzzies. No mosques but always a nice church in these villages. A church is a must for a uk village. It part of the glorious history of this great land. Wonderful to see. You know you are near the village when you see the church spire. By doing this act he is making life uncomfortable for the imperialists. Let them leave and go to their ghettos. We need as many places as free of muzzies as we possible can get.

  6. 10,000 Somalis in just Bristol alone.

    Now that should be the cause for our indignation. How come we allowed hundreds of thousands of these primitive and congenitally people in to the UK – some 90% are illiterate in their own language.

    How many are unemployed and unemployable.? How many wives do they have, and how many children per woman are we supporting via our taxes? Is this money included in the overseas aid budget?

  7. 10,000 Somalis in just Bristol alone.

    Somalia didnt destruct because of an earthquake or something- it was destroyed by Somalis, who are tribal by nature, and thus steal from any other who do not belong to their tribe. This is ingrained in their being, and that is why congenital. When combined with the theft and brigandage creed of Islam, you have Somalis. No nation can exist when it is solely made up of Somalis.

    So we have them here, and they are happy to steal from Benefits.

  8. dp111 they were let in because Labor thought they would vote for them, always look at what benefit the left is getting when trying to find an answer to some governmental stupidity.

  9. That is a huge figure. I will be going to Bristol in the near future so I will be able to see or myself. I had Bristol pegged wrong if that many “enrichers” are already there.

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