British govt. still doesn’t get it at all.

Ok it appears to be a step in the right direction. This video claims that the British government will attempt to block access to Al Queda’s glossy magazine, ‘Inspire’, although they do not name it as such, clearly that is what they are on about.

But Inspire is just a manifestation of Islam. No matter what criteria you use to block Inspire, it will equally or greater apply to the Koran, the Sunna (example of Islam’s thug-lord Mohamed) a point that Geert Wilders attempted to make in vain in the Netherlands when he demanded that the Koran be banned as the reasoning used to ban Hitler’s manifesto applies even more accurately to Koran. For his trouble, he was arrested and is being endlessly tried until they can find a grand inquisitor that is ready to convict him despite it being contrary to Dutch law and more importantly, to the entire spirit of Dutch law.

In any case, here is an example of the latest effort by the UK government to cope with it’s own false dichotomy of ‘extremism’ Vs. some fictional kind of nice Islam.

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  1. The ability of bureaucrats to deny facts always amazes me, they refuse to see that Islam, not radical Islam but Islam itself is the problem and thus are condemning many millions of people to death over the next few years.

  2. This stinks of the old Hegelian Formula if anything does.
    Thesis: Radical Islamic internet content.
    Antithesis: Stringent new emergency anti-terror restrictions.
    Synthesis: Censorship and ultimate destruction of the internet.

    Very clever. There is no shortage of people who would like to see the internet completely monitored and controlled; authoritarian types just can’t stand the chaos.
    And will this nonsense make it any harder to get the Jihad stuff online? Of course not! What idiots!

  3. yep, it goes both ways, and that is a problem, as in the new crime bill here, where is that one at??? The clause restricting links? On one hand great to catch the sicko psychos that prey on children, as well as the lunatic islamics, or seiks who create terror or anyone for that matter, but in its wake, it drowns a part of free speech on the internet/ |Yikes complex

  4. The matter is complex but remember that most politicians and the vast majority of bureaucrats are simply out for power to tell people how to live their lives, for this reason they will use any excuse to silence their critics. The net is the primary means that the critics of big government have to get their message out, thus the power hungry want to silence it. Welcome to the world the left wants us to live in.

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