Muslim group rankles at BBC quip

I took the liberty of replacing the tirade at the end of the original upload about how to complain about the BBC with my own tirade about how refreshing this was.

Youtube claims to have taken this video offline due to a copyright claim, I can’t tell if its from BBC or from the Muslim who posted the clip to craete shock and horror within the Muslim community who clearly can’t take a joke, even when so obviously true. The copyright claim doesn’t say BBC so I have no way of knowing who its from. However if the clip does go offline, please click here to see it.

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  1. Kudos to you for putting up a version where people will be able to excercise their freedome of speech. The first two versions of this are screening comments. Whooda thunkit that islamic youtube posters would choose to screen comments.

    I found the only posting of this where the islamic poster had not figured out how to screen comments and left my own two cents all over the place.

    Preaching to the converted is all well and good but Screaching to the unconverted can be a lot more fun.

    With all their bitching they didn’t actually notice that it was the writers and not her who wrote the joke.

    I think people should send positive letters to the bbc to offset the muzis who will be writing in in an attempt to bully the network from excercizing free speech in the future.

  2. It would have been more perfect if she had not cringed and glanced leftward as if she ‘d been caught saying something naughty. Let this type of humorous comment mocking Islam become as commonplace as any other kind, just as cartoons of Mohammed have become commonplace on the Web.

  3. The video has been pulled du to a “copywrite complaint”. I have put up a facebook group with info on how to send support to the BBC.

    Here is info on how to send praise to the BBC over this in order to be a counter voice to those who are using it as an excuse to stomp on free speech.

    Please forward this information to others if you agree with it.

    Select “Send Praise”

    You will be sent to ther FAQ site to fill something in.

    Type of contact: Apreciation
    Topic: TV
    Channel: BBC One
    Program Title: Have I Got News For You
    Transmition Date (D/M/y) 03/06/11

    Then fill in the info and short comment.

    Here is the link:

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