The new Egypt tortures protesters, tests womens’ virginity

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Related, it appears that Tunisia, where all this “Arab Spring” started, is in great danger of an ‘Islamist’ (the fictionalized notion of a hijacked peaceful Islam) takeover.

Here is an excerpt from Common American Journal:

Tunisia: Birthplace of the Arab Spring fears Islamist insurgence

The uprisings that swept North Africa and the Middle East began in Tunisia. But, as Andrew Gilligan finds out, the country is still searching for its happy ending.

Andrew Gilligan
Telegraph [UK]
28 May 2011

At the Cannes Film Festival this month, Nouri Bouzid, the celebrated director and opponent of Islamist extremism, received the Legion d’Honneur, the highest award France can bestow.

A few weeks before that, in his native Tunisia, came a rather different form of recognition: he was stabbed in the head.

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3 Replies to “The new Egypt tortures protesters, tests womens’ virginity”

  1. Many thanks to Obama for helping out with this hopey change. He’s done a great thing for tourism in Egypt. Given a handy new home to Hamas too, real handy to Gaza, great!

  2. A doc, six soldiers, a bed and cameras rolling, sounds like weird erotic movies, but I bet they had great fun nonetheless … except maybe the women. Can you imagine anybody more worthy of getting taxpayer’s money? Btw, some MSM seem to be forced by reality to question their initial enthusiasm at last, after months of bloodshed.

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