Justice for Charlene.

The only people in England that seem even remotely interested in getting justice for the British pre-teen who was drugged, raped, killed, and then cut up and made into ‘kabobs’ forcing other people to be unwitting cannibals, are the English Defense League. Just imagine if the police, courts, Crown prosecutors office, the general offices of the state of England was actually interested in doing its job defending the interested of the British public instead of spin doctoring to maintain the illusion of a British Islam. Then there would be no need for an EDL. But clearly there is. And I for one am grateful that some British people are ready and willing to defy fashion and their own government and stand up for British culture, values and history. After all, its not like they can pack up and go home.

To add insult to injury, the killers of Charlene were paid compensation by the courts. Something like 250K pounds sterling.

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  1. This is some of the recorded words of the killers.They admit the crime and yes they have been paid £250,000 compensation by our pathetic judiciary and government.
    God bless the EDL for standing up and refusing to be silenced. When you read what they did to this child you will feel anger,especially if you are a parent.Unfortunately we cannot help Charlene, but we can be determined that the ideology that spawns acts such as this shall not succeed.


  2. And yet the Blackpool Gazette calls the EDL, “thugs.”
    Why were the murdering scum given compensation?
    THIS IS SICK in and of itself….never mind what the SCUMBAGS did to poor Charlene. Where is justice in England? Where is ENGLAND?….except for the EDL?

  3. Future generations will hail the EDL as the saviors of Britain, their actions are bring the facts to more and more people and these people are realizing that Islam is evil.

  4. The EDL will go down in history as the heroes who stated the resistance to the Islamic takeover of Britain.

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