Bill Warner on Islam May 12 2011 Nashville, TN

This is a truly stellar speech on the nature of Islam. Bill Warner does not speak that often in public although he was on CFRA in 2009 on Nick Vandergragt’s show. He is in excellent form here.

To reserve a copy of a DVD of the entire event, including speeches by Steve Gill, Bill Warner, Sam Solomon, and Geert Wilders, email the Tennessee Freedom Coalition:

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18 Replies to “Bill Warner on Islam May 12 2011 Nashville, TN”

  1. This guy is great. I loved it. I have read his writings before but to see the great man in action was really valuable. His thinking is crystal clear. More power to Bill.
    NowI want to say something about Uzbekistan. A repressive state owned and operated by President Islam Karimov. Do not let the first name islam fool you. Actually it fools a lot of people, including muslims. Now this man may be the single most effective person against islam in the world. He operates a police state that represses islam at every opportunity. He shows a model as regards islam that others rulers who want to live in a stable country must follow. The repression of islam at a state level is what he shows. And the fruits are a stable country. Admittedly he does step on some human rights people (not animal rights people though), journalists etc but they are usually the criminals linked up with islam as we see in the west. Other muslims states should do well to adopt his ways in beating the beast of islam.

  2. The man is good, he needs his own TV show to teach Islam to the masses, once enough people realize the facts about Islam the Moslems will lose everywhere.

  3. Great presentation. Especially good was the emphasis on using facts.

    Just something to watch:

    Medina, according to Warner become ‘Judenrein’ after the slaughter of 800 Jews. Yet he also said the city was half Jewish. That suggests the city had 1600 people.

    If we want to emphasize facts, as Warner says, we need to be careful of using emotive language and of omitting important detail.

    If the other Jews fled the area then make this clear. Just don’t suggest half the Jews were killed (at least in that one incident).

  4. Correction, I meant to say: just don’t suggest half the city’s residents (and all the Jews) were killed in that one incident.

  5. Why not make a real mockery of Islam by saying to yourself: Wallahi, Watallahi, Wabillahi, I swear that Islam is a fake and satanic religion. If ever it is the truth, Allah would turn me literally into a talking animal. A bit of history here: roughly a thousand years ago the prophet (pbuh) had challenged the Arab Christians of Najran to declare: Wallahi, Watallahi, Wabillahi, we swear that Jesus Christ is truly the son of God. If ever Jesus Christ is not the son of God, then God or Allah would banish Christianity from this earth. The same consequence applies to Islam if Jesus Christ is the son of God. As a reminder, the Christians did not take up the challenge. Why not you?

  6. How is that a mockery of Islam?

    How about…

    Meca Leca Hi Meca Haini Ho! Olly Olly Oxen Free! I swear by Thor, Zeus and the Mighty Aphrodite that Islam is the product of a serial murderer and rapist who’s absurd ravings, mostly of a sexual nature, are nothing but an attempt to get uneducated teenage boys to fight so this old fuck could get laid. Mohamed. What an arsehole.

    How was that?

  7. I dunno how to tell you this, but when you reveal magical thinking of that magnitude, I tend to think in terms of mg. abilifi or Thorazine. Mohamed made up crap to become rich and powerful. He was wildly successful at it. Kalif’s after him also enjoyed success with the same method. But the wild ravings of their rhetoric are just that. Not devils, not gods, not angels or sprites or even turnips or daffodils. Just wild, rhetorical ravings that caused a lot of good people their lives and entire cultures.

  8. What challenge? I don’t even understand. I refuse to blather on in Arabic cause those are your rules. I don’t need to hold Mohamed and his merry band of morons in contempt by your standards. I have my own thanks. There are no gods who turn people into fresh water bass or anything else for non-belief but there are fanatical followers of these imaginary gods who are ready to commit the worst acts of horror the human imagination is capable of and somehow absolve themselves of responsibility because it was the will of this fiction. May these people, all of them, receive a lifetime of medication, in a high security mental institution.

  9. OK Eeyore. I don’t know if you’re a male or female. That doesn’t matter, but I’m a male Malaysian pensioner. Not even an officer. During my time (school years) we didn’t have computers, let alone internet. I’m making use of my son’s. What I do now is, groping around with this thing. So, when you mentioned something about ‘multiple-links’ etc. let’s just say that I don’t have that skill. Now back to the issue. I’ll try to recapture what I wrote before: Theologically speaking Muslims, Christians and Jews share the same God. Muslims call Him Allah, Christians – God (English) and Jews – Yahweh or even Ellohim. Before the arrival of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Arabs had already embraced various religions including Christianity and Judaism. So when the prophet taught the Arabs that Jesus Christ was NOT the son of God, the Arab Christians of Najran came over to him and hinted that he was a liar. This prompted the prophet to challenge the Najranese to swear in God’s name whoever is the liar, will face the consequence of being banished by God. The Najranese didn’t take up the challenge. So, why not anyone else! For example Bill Warner could take up this challenge, make a video clip of it and upload it on to the internet. Then, that is a real mockery of Islam. Once again this is what he should utter: Wallahi, Watallahi, Wabillahi, I swear that Islam is a fake and satanic religion. If ever Islam is the truth, Allah would turn me into a talking animal.

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