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6 Replies to “The Islamic Dr. Doolittle.”

  1. That’s probably a fake news! It’s the only info source with that “news”, and the site Politiskt Inkorrekt has simply invented news before, which is really crappy!

    (Btw, they also block people who correct them,for ever. E g they blocked me when I showed their silly numbers and wrong math and logics to prove that immigration costs 300 billion SEK. It was so messy, but they didn’t accept to hear that.)

    They are also clearly racists. E g they described Gypsies as a swarm of locusts that floods and destroys Europe:


    This despite — or because of (?) — a cooperation with Sverigedemokraterna…

    I’m sorry to say this, but we have a quite aggressive far right with not that nice ideological roots who benefits from the discource that makes it impossible for all other political parties and the media to just critically discuss the immigration policy in terms of its volume.

    To many voters Sverigedemokraterna is just an emergency solution.

  2. Certainly he is following the edicts of the teachings of the Ayatollah who wrote a book on exactly how to deal with bestiality. As I recall, its all fine as long as you sell the meat to the next village and not your own.
    However this pony belonged to a kufar and as such is open season to any Muslim one presumes.

  3. Dear Magnus A,

    If you have ever lived in Romania or Bulgaria, you should know that the Gypsies are indeed like locusts in mooching off most of the meager resources of the social services in those countries. And the Gypsies are more than willing to move to a new host as soon as the “generous and noble” Western Europeans admit the two countries into the Schengen agreement. Let me know what you think after that.

    As of the pony, that’s boringly normal – f*****g animals is totally acceptable in that weird religion.

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