The Case for Isreal

I very much hope that the good David Horowitz is not too upset with me for what I am going to do here.

The film, ‘The Case for Israel’, is a critical component today in the war of propaganda Vs. information with respect to the nature of the state of Israel, and as a totem, the people identified as Jews world wide since so much anti-Israel rhetoric is really nothing more than ‘onion paper antisemitism.’

Please watch this excellent film and send the link around. If the people who made this film want it down, it will go down. But after having read today’s emails and articles, I feel the situation has become so dire that every tool that I can use to counter the spin of the Muslims and leftists who would attempt to de-legitimize the Jewish state, and far more often than not, attempt to cast aspersion onto anyone who can be identified as Jewish using reasons that would apply for more accurately to for example, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or even Egypt and parts of Saudi Arabia itself, must be used.

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7 Replies to “The Case for Isreal”

  1. Right at the beginning Alan Dershowitz announces he is a “feminist” (pro-feminazis), he says he’s also a “gay rights supporter”…..These are two of the biggest take-downs of our society and the world! I Refuse to watch this!

  2. Understanding that the secularist governing bodies in Israel which Dershowitz represents is of the Leftist variety and is more in line with our current leaders in America and Europe, I was able to get past that false narrative of his Leftist screeds. The world hates the Jews and isn’t concerned about historic facts and truths represented in this piece. Even though it wins the debate of why there is an Israel won’t matter to those whose wish for Israel is of the same evil intent Adolf Hitler had for them. In fact he is one of their heros in the Muslim world. But yes the case has been won over and over again yet it matters little to those evil men intent on destroying it which goes back to Isaac and Ishmael.

  3. Once you get past the leftist propaganda the film gives us a lot of important information, information that most of the media is ignoring in their efforts to suck up to the Moslems.

  4. The night as Dr. Ekazar Sukenik,prof. of archeology, was deciphering the first of the Dead
    Sea Scrolls coincided with the UN’s voting FOR a Jewish State; and this was the very moment Dr. Sukenik came to a passage “I was driven from home like a bird from its nest….I was cast down, but raised up again….”.

    Just 15 minutes after the UN’s voting, President Harry Truman gave the offical recognition of the State of Israel. A year later, the Israeli Chief Rabbi visited President Truman and said to him: “God put you in your mother’s womb so that you could be the instrument to bring about the rebirth of Israel after two thousand years.”. Truman cried!

    To quote Rabbi Ken Spiro: ” The Jewish people seem to be forever a nation in danger of being destroyed yet always miraculously preserved by Divine intervention.” And the late Rabbi Kahane said that the banding together of nations to destroy Israel is the very guarantee that the time for their own destruction is near !!! BTW, I’m not a Jew !!!!

  5. The people who made the film contacted me, and they were very polite and very nice about it. No complaints about it at all. However they, for obvious reasons, would prefer that people buy the DVD for just under $15.00 off of Amazon or wherever it is available.

    If I can get it cheaply enough, I might work out a deal to make it live here on this site for one day or something and pay for a licence to do it. It is a very good film and should be seen or more importantly, the information in the movie has to be out there, as the highly false picture of the situation in the middle east presented by the far left and Muslims now dominate the narrative and have become the orthodox view, despite the fact that it is patently false at worst and irrelevant at best.

    I will put up trailers for this movie here shortly and the info on purchasing. Sorry about that. And again, the film makers were very polite and not at all demanding. But it is theirs and they have a right to try and at least recoup on making it.

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