Italy condemns attack on its Tripoli embassy

From Reuters:

ROME | Sun May 1, 2011 10:52am EDT

May 1 (Reuters) – Italy on Sunday condemned an attack on its embassy in Tripoli as a “grave and vile” act and said Muammar Gaddafi’s government had failed to carry out its most elementary international obligations.

The Foreign Ministry issued a statement after the Italian embassy in the Libyan capital was vandalised. A spokesman said there were no further details but a witness said smoke was rising from the building.

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10 Replies to “Italy condemns attack on its Tripoli embassy”

  1. They are right, international law says that even during war the host country must protect the Embassies of the enemy nations, not that international law has ever stopped a Moslem nation from doing what it wanted.

  2. “international law”!!! ? what are u talking about………… didnt NATO contradict its laws?? by bombarding Libyan civilians, and yesterday they killed Gaddafi’s youngest son and 3 of his innocent grand children.

  3. And the NFZ was supposed to be hovering around Libyan boarders to make sure Gaddafi dsnt use airplanes not bombard its civilians.

  4. The BBC says that the killing of Quaddaffi’s son remains unconfirmed. But lets say NATO did kill him. Why was he at a military target? Also, I hope that gave ol’ Mohamar a tiny taste of what some of the people felt who lost loved ones at the Lockerbie bombing.

    Fuck Khaddafi and fuck his whole family.

  5. Yeah when he gets his own family bombed it is not just a theory of jihad it is the jihad returned with a vengence. Reality bites.

  6. When the jihad is returned it must be returned with interest to make it completely non halal. It is the noble kuffar way.

  7. The aerial bombing of cities and the targeting of national leaders is allowed under international law, the Geneva Convention is clear on that point. The targeting of Cadaver Heads family directly is not allowed under international law, but their deaths in an attempt on them is considered an unfortunate accident. Granted it has been a long time since the leader of a nation was directly targeted by the opposing side but it is still legal. Also the no fly zone is at worst only semi-illegal, that is a gray area where UN resolutions and precedents are saying it is legal and common sense says it is helping the enemies of civilization.

    The Geneva Convention is not suppose to make war non violent or bloody, it is suppose to insure that the citizens of a signatory nation are treated in certain defined ways. If a nation isn’t a signatory of the convention then they can be treated in any way you want.

    The protection of Embassy property is so old that I don’t know when it started and don’t think it is mentioned in any treaty, but it is observed by all most all nations. During WWII German Embassies in London and DC were maintained and protected by the Brits and the US. They were searched but protected, and the Nazi’s protected the US and British Embassies until we bombed the buildings. I think both were hit by allied bombs.

  8. did the US and British staff our embassies during the war?

    I remember a few instances were the British and the US went to the German embassies during the war.

  9. I get a kick out of the verbal protests that the west always put forward against Muslims when they break international law. Since sharia law is the only law they recognize, its like pissing in the wind: you get back exactly nothing but your own words.

    “War is deceit” said Mo the thug, and no other rules of engagement apply when dealing with Muslim forces. Since we are all kuffar, they can and will do whatever they want with us once they have us where they want us.

    The leaders in the west have to understand that words mean nothing to hudnu practicing Muslims. They regularly break treaties, oaths and promises to kuffar with no qualms. Its legitimized in their “scriptures” for crying out loud!

    So, Italy can talk all it wants. So can the US and any other non-Muslim countries for that matter. It won’t make a bit of difference since we are all kuffar anyways.

    May the west finally put Islam “to rest” some day…

  10. OxAO we didn’t have staff in the Embassies during the war but the Germans protected the buildings, they probably broke in to check for any documents left behind but according to the neutral diplomats they were careful to do no damage tot he buildings.

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