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6 Replies to “Walter Williams: Up From the Projects”

  1. Walter Williams is on my top three most favorite people I like to hear.

    Why, oh why, couldn’t someone like him be our first black president if those racist that had to have a black as president?

  2. It is shame that someone so intelligent could not have been the President. Instead we have a muallato president pretending to be black president when in fact he was birthed from a white woman’s womb. He pretends to be a Christian when he is in fact a muslim who shows his enthusisam for Islam every opportunity he gets. He never even let the th Bind Laden death deflect him from his homilies on the great religion of Islam. This man who I have not heard of before in contrast is a man of integrity and intelligence and was birthed from a black womb. Life is a bitch. We could have got a man like this as president but we go some mixed up communist lier instead.

  3. He should grow a beard and worship a white peadophile prophet like me. Only joking! The man is too intelligent to fall for the lies of fuzzy brained brown men like me. Seriously though a man like this is worth his weight in gold.

  4. That he is, he has been attacking Socialism for as long as he has been teaching, and probably before that. He should be the Chairman of the Fed, we wouldn’t have as big a problem if he was.

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