Mounting Evidence of Rebel Atrocities in Libya

Here is an article which suggests it has a lot of evidence that the rebels we are assisting in a civil war against Kadhaffi are in fact Al Queda.

Please click over to Pajamas Media to read the story and if the links to the youtube videos no longer work please let me know in a comment. At the request of the author, I have backed up all the videos and if they get deleted will re-upload them to a non-youtube site where they should be safe.


First paragraph of the article below:

While the International Criminal Court has announced that it is investigating charges of war crimes against Muammar al-Gaddafi and other members of the Libyan regime, harrowing video evidence has emerged that appears to show atrocities committed by anti-Gaddafi rebels. Among other things, the footage depicts summary executions, a prisoner being lynched, the desecration of corpses, and even a beheading. The targets of the most serious abuse are frequently black African prisoners. The ultimate source of the footage appears to be rebel forces or sympathizers themselves.

(Warning: Due to the graphic nature of the videos linked below, viewer discretion is advised.)

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6 Replies to “Mounting Evidence of Rebel Atrocities in Libya”

  1. No need to worry folks, our wise and wonderful ‘Dear Leader’ is going to give the rebels millions and has stated there is no need to be alarmed.

  2. You know it wasn’t that long ago that I’d laugh at the thought that Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood were just the tools of the ruling elite of the New World Order. Now, I’m not laughing any more…

  3. The Republican establishment is waiting until the 2012 election to remove Obama from office, I wonder if the world has that long before it goes up in flames? We all know Obama will side with the Moslems rather then Europe or Israel.

  4. Muslims will be Muslims.

    Any atrocities that can be done will be done my Muslims in the name of securing their “submission to that moon-god that shall go nameless”.

    Its really sad that an entire “civilization” for lack of a better term, has been left to rot in the swamps of hatred, cruelty and sexual degeneracy (meaning pedophilia) for many generations. All because some pedophile psychopath with malignant narcissism crawled out of a cave hallucinating that he was a “prophet”.

    And he hoaxed, brainwashed and killed in order to prove it.

    Now his followers do the same.

    Time for a cleansing, I’m afraid. The 21st century is no place for ideologies that are that radical, hateful and full of corruption.

    Eastern Europe got rid of most of the vestiges of the Soviet Union. Lets see if Muslims can rid themselves of Islam.

  5. The cleansing will come when the beans are spilt. Not enough people know just how degenerate MO was. You gave a good list RRwest. The question for the counter jihad is how to get that information out as a set of memes that will topple islam in the eyes of the west. The cornerstone meme is the peodophile prophet meme. I try to mention it in conversation now and again and do it casually and the results are immense. Never again will that person fall for the crap of the MSM. This is something everyone can do and is so easy. That is how memes spread. Well that is one of the ways memes spread.

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