Two middle eastern men trashed bibles in ‘multifaith’ prayer rooms at Ottawa Airport Friday April 15 2011

Why am I posting this unsubstantiated story? Because all the mass media has abandoned its role as informants and purveyors of news and instead, has become fabricators of opinion, making sure that nothing bad Muslims do reaches our understanding while exagerating anything anyone else might do, especially if Muslims are made uncomfortable by it. So I am left with no choice. When someone claims something was done, I know for a fact that by the time the news reports it, if it ever reports it, that it is likely no longer relevant. So I have to take the word of people who say they have seen things.

From the Lowel Green show, CFRA AM radio, Monday April 18 2011

CFRA Airport     

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8 Replies to “Two middle eastern men trashed bibles in ‘multifaith’ prayer rooms at Ottawa Airport Friday April 15 2011”

  1. Hi .
    i’ll link to this story ,and see if i can find anything about it.It does remind me of the alledged coverup stories of the Toronto Muslim policeforce members .

  2. Typical that this type of thing goes unnoticed, as does all the harassment, like when I was yelled and screamed at by a lunatic rageboy islamic in the Edmont
    on airport when I opened the door to the so-called-interfaith prayer room located right next to the flags and memorial dedicated to our soldiers past and present, and when all I saw in the room, holding the door adjacent, was a rug and some flipflops,
    shutting the door, and with a silent facial gesture, perhaps of rolling eyes, whatever,
    a rageboy jumped to his feet, began screaming abuse, you bitch, insulting my religion, on and on and on , I just kept rolling the cart around a cement barrier and tried to hide waiting for my son to arrive, he kept it up for a while, when a woman and her kids appeared by my side telling me they moved away from the man because of his swearing and abuse, she was a bit worried for her children, and he incidently had a small child with him, then a few more people gathered in suppoprt,
    at that moment the passengers began to arrive, and because I couldn’t confront the issue due to my son arriving from a golfing trip, I said and did nothing at the time, but later wrote to the airport officials to find out why this was a muslim prayer room, my responses claimed it to be interfaith, but I responded, with no chairs,
    airport official responded with, chairs must have been along the wall, obviously behind the door, I didn’;t see them, I asked if next time I am there it would be a problem if I put the chairs on the rug and took in a bible to say a prayer, she responded no,
    I would like to see various Christian groups sending out people to these fake interfaith rooms at all airports to pray on a regular and daily basis, doing shifts, so that the islamics must share their room at their prayer times,
    Let\s see how interfaith their requests are
    Where are the good ol christian soldiers, they would see this as intolerant I guess, just causing a problem for the dear sweet loving islamics
    I have destroyed several korans, by burning, tearing up pages, spitting on them and using them for toilet paper, I wish I had the guts of Ann who made a video

  3. Didn’t the Nazis start by symbolically burning Jewish books at Kristallnacht?

    If I were at that airport, I would use the k*r*n as TP. Its not as if they can’t use The Bible and Torah (among other religious texts) for the same purpose.

    Anyone take me up on the idea of marketing TP with the k*r*n printed on them?

    It would sell like hot cakes in certain quarters…

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