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6 Replies to “Muslims threaten young British girls for sex.”

  1. The Moslems are acting like they already own Britain, if they aren’t stopped things are going to get a whole lot worse.

  2. Kick them out , with their whole family , come on people of England , fight back it’s your country , don’t let them destroy a great nation , NEVER SURRENDER !!!!!!!!

  3. From the Netherlands: dear people of Great Britain, kick those assholes OUT.
    Remember what Winston Churchill said, act accordingly!

  4. i thought that is natural in brtain to abuse girls for sex , and i am asking if these people were british what will be you saying , will you say all what you said about these moslims ?

  5. Moontasar:

    If these people were in fact, albino kangaroos would I say the same things? Well that would depend. Do albino kangaroos have an actual culture that teaches that all people who do not follow their religion and as a sub-text, are not part of their close gene pool are mere fluff to be used and disposed of at will, then yeah I would say the same thing about those evil marsupials. But as they aren’t like the British aren’t then your question is stupid, insulting and meaningless. Doubly so because yes, it is always worse when foreign invaders abuse your people. Ever hear people going on and on about African slavery of one tribe by another? No? How about how the north American Indians used to wholesale slaughter and enslave each other and take women as sex slaves? No? How about when Europeans bought African slaves, usually from Muslim slave traders? Well you probably didn’t hear about the Muslim part but you heard a great deal about the evil white slave owners didn’t you?

    Well there you go.

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