Tel Aviv neighbourhood rises up against illegal immigration and govt policy

I post this because on my youtube channel I face many antisemites each day ranging from the full knuckle draggers to the ones that actually mix some rational fact with their Jew-hatred. One of the common memes being spread by the more knuckle dragging variety is that Jews across the world are attempting to force tons of Muslim immigration into Europe somehow, while keeping Israel ‘pure’ in some unfathomable manner. Unfathomable at least to me as Jews range from Chinese, Ethiopian, White American etc.

Let’s assume that they mean Israel is kept ‘Pure Jewish’ (whatever that means) and escapes the mass migration of people from failing states to Western style democratic ones where there is wealth and human rights. Then this video should be revealing to them. But it won’t be. Jew Hate is not rational. I have never encountered an antisemite that hates Jews because of some belief oriented issue or even a behaviour based one. They invent reason to hate Jews usually projecting the worst attributes of humanity as a whole onto ‘Jews’ in an invasion of the body snatchers like way, and hope perhaps to expunge themselves and humanity of those attributes by killing Jews. In any case, it rarely if ever deals with any facts.

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  1. Illegal immigration is a problem in all free countries, if the free nations don’t regain control of their borders they will cease to exist as free nations.

  2. It seems like most antisemitic attacks in Europe these days come from muslims. In the muslim world, Jewish conspiracy theories are the norm. Jews are harassed constantly by muslims. From a Jewish perspective, it wouldn’t make sense to have more muslims in Europe.

    I’ve been to Israel. People don’t understand how multicultural it is. About 50% of Israelis are from Arab and African countries. Israelis come from all over. Many are not Jewish.

  3. I’m really hurt by that video as it shows how irrational people can become and no matter the situation, there was no reason to treat that man the way they did!! However I think that this is more the case some left wing media sticking with the “zionist/nazi” narrative completely ignoring the man that came to the immigrants aid and defended him.If a cameraman walked into the middle of a KKK rally the night Obama was elected I’m sure they would get some interesting footage, however you wouldn’t see the world telling the U.S. that they didn’t have the right to exhist because of it. If Israel were that racist so many immigrants wouldn’t be risking their lives to get there. On another note, I have seen only a few videos about the “black bedouins” why is it that whenever I see any type of media photo/video of palestinians I NEVER see any black people? Yet when there are photos/videos of Israelis I often see black police officers/soldiers and children. I could be wrong but it just seems like the left has a big problem with “projection” LOL

  4. I always point out how suicidal muslim migration is for Jews around the world. the idea that joos control the world falls on the sword of islamic infiltration every time.

    But where is this suicidal policy coming from?
    The baha’i directed UN.

    6 million ideologues who’s mission is to end nationalism forever, implement Agenda 21, and bring ‘world peace’. Their only impediment is the Billions of free thinking Judeo-Christians who make their Mahdi religion redundant.

    muslim migration is a tool used by these NWO zealots to PROGRESS Christians away from factual Jewish Jesus.

  5. Judism is a religion not a race, many Jews are black and all are welcome in Israel.

    Having said that people are desperate to get into Israel for the same reason that they are desperate to get into the US, they want freedom.

  6. Excellent point Van Grungy, and I agree. The Globalists who call themselves “Citizens of the World” or “Global Citizens” have conspired to destroy successful societies of the West by intentionally opening the floodgates of millions of illegal aliens. You see the same thing in Europe, and the United States that is reported in Israel. These “Citizens of the World” are the Fifth Columners who commit treason in the name of “tolerance” within their fantasy multicultural world. This first began to be implemented shortly after the first Earth Summit in 1972 and was accelerated after the 2nd one in 1992. It is this Cultural Marxism which is being used to destroy the West today. Their hatred of Judaism is equal to the hatred of the Judeo-Christians today.

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