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6 Replies to “More riots in Afghanistan, and how it all started.”

  1. We know those bastards specifically look for things to cause riots over and then plant villians in the mobs to carry out pre planned attacks. We also know they ALWAYS lie about their motives for attacks. We also know muslim subversives can shriek and wail (and cry in front of congressmen) about things they don’t really give a crap about if it serves their purpose.

    Considering they attacked a UN post and a NATO post I think the koran burning was merely a poor excuse. The real goal was to pressure the anti Taliban forces to leave the country and make the local population associate them with Burning of the Koran. The use of the mob was only to give the illusion that the population hates the UN and NATO forces and to provide chaos and cover for the real assault teams.

    This disgusting display has far more to do with the Taliban than it does with anything Pastor Jones did. Those dirty Imams were only pretending to be offended.

  2. The sad thing is that now all the military are condemning the burning as a hateful act. This was on CTV news today, One of the American Generals condemning a minister in the United States who burned the hateful koran as a protest against the crimes, heinous acts and disgusting actions carried out in the name of islam and that criminal leader moham mad, the mad man, How dispicable.
    Three cheers for this extremist minister who has every right to burn whatever book he wants.
    There should be a massive burning of these bullshit books all over western democracies.
    AND FURTHER Any leader who condemns what this minister did is a creeping lousy maggot and most importantly a COWARD.

    If we begin to cowtow to these backward lunatics, then we loose the rights of freedom to object, freedom to criticize, freedom to speak out against all religions. We do not have blasphemy laws in Canada or the US YET

  3. Burn mother f””””ing quran, burn, is all you need to type into youtube to watch a very short clip of a koran buring with the song to highlight it,

    This is a great way to pay respect to the many people who have recently died, heads cut off, UN workers, and others at the hands of these Wraith

  4. Good post, jjk999. Westerners aren’t able to see how sneaky these Mahoundians actually are. Of course they don’t care about Pastor Jones way off in a place called Florida; they are simply continuing to wage war – that’s all. Honestly, I don’t think you can get promoted very far these days in the field of journalism if you are not genuinely stupid – smart enough to work a computer, but otherwise dumb as a lamb chop. You’d have to be pretty-dumb to allow yourself to be fooled by this gang of turbaned monkeys.

  5. The good thing is, and the reason our “enlightened” Western leaders hate this sort of thing, is that it shows the public what the people our young men are fighting and dying and being maimed to protect are really like.
    They prefer to send and impoverish us in pointless wars, caused for the most part by their own stupid foreign policies, full of their silly lies about the brotherhood of men.
    A Koran shoud be burned everyday, until we stop propping up these stupid regimes, and the politicians should be maimed, like our soldiers have been.
    Good on pastor, he’s doing a service to humanity.

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