German police take two people displaying Israeli flag into custody

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From Elder of Ziyon blog:

A German blog reports (translation paraphrased):
Once again it has happened. At a demonstration in front of the Berlin Hauptbahnhof on 27 March 2011, that called for a boycott against Israel, police took two men into custody because they refused to cease their peaceful expression of solidarity with Israel by displaying an Israeli flag.

On March 27 2011 there was a demonstration at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof exhibition. The State of Israel was accused of apartheid (an almost racist comparison) and a boycott of Israeli products was demanded. The brutal terrorist acts against Israel, however, have been omitted, downplayed or justified.

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2 Replies to “German police take two people displaying Israeli flag into custody”

  1. A worrying development, when looking at the bigger picture. The whole entire ger parliament recently condemned the “marmara”-raid, Germany at the UN voted in favor of making settlements illegal, calls for endless influx of weapons into Gaza (calling it *End the blockade*) and this are just prominent examples of political events. Raiding houses or taking people into custody simply for displaying the israeli flag are prominent examples for a more general attitude. A recent poll showed that some 47+% thought, that Israel genozides the PalArabs, despite their 30% or so growth in only 10 years. The bigger picture seems to be: Once more, I-want-to-believe beats reality. We all know how demonic it can get, when this happens around here, don’t we?

  2. There seems to be an evil atmosphere in Europe right now – the West and Judeo-Christian civilization are being forced to bow down to Islam. But what’s most disgusting, this is also caused by the treacherous Western Left where unfortunately, they’re winning, even in Germany here. Even Cameron is behaving more like a Socialist than a Conservative (I think the arrogance and contempt of immatured rebellious youth spirit has something to do with it – I was one myself regrettably!). During the weekend, I had a conversation with a group of educated middle-class/elite Westerners who love the environment more than humanity. When I mentioned about the history of the foundation of Islam and Mohammad’s savagery, they looked at me with disbelief; they couldn’t be bothered to read up on the truths and Islam is untouchable topic for them. Humanity kept getting murdered by Islam, is fine with these pretenders – but they’ll choke with anger with environmental issues. And then they will go on voting the increasingly Arab/Turkish-Muslim controlled Leftie/Liberal coalition especially the European Green parties (in Germany this hypocritical leftie coalition might win the next Federal election – they have just won greatly in several regional election), who are strangely more concerned about bringing in more voters from Islamic culture into Europe; especially from the incoming scary exodus landing in Italy from Tunisia and Libya. These comfort-zone “lovey-dovey” Westerners seemed to completely forget all the great sacrifice of their ancestors who fought to save Europe and Judeo-Christian civilization from Arabic-Islamic savage invasion, that caused the Crusade.

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