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5 Replies to “Geert Wilders clarifies some of his positions Jan 10 2011”

  1. God bless you Mr Wilders. You have and are still paying a very high price in order to speak out against Islam and all its evils. You have our support. May the good Lord go with you, protect you and guide you.

  2. Why can’t those islamics solve their own islamic problems in their middle east?
    Why can’t those illegal islamic immigrants be deported like everyone else?
    Why do us nonbelievers have to tolerate their discriminative islamic policies?

  3. I like the way the interviewer keeps asking how many Muslims?
    Wilders says millions, even illustrates the point, and he keeps asking how many?
    Like his mind couldn’t actually comprehend what was being said to him

  4. How many illegal immigrants in europe? How many of them are moslems?
    Why moslems are given so many privilegegs after privileges, even though they are one of the groups that behaved most badly at the slightest reason?
    Even if those moslems did not behaved badly, they are still not entiled to be in Europe, due to cultural and ideology incompatibilty.

  5. Mr. Wilders did not want to commit himself to a number, but I will.

    Some analysts, looking at how many people who follow religions are fanatics estimate that as much as 10% can be fanatics.

    We are, of course, talking about the “average” religion, which does not threaten people with death should they leave. We are talking about religions that have a spiritual focus. That is, they are working for their ‘after lives” as well as making this one ‘better’.

    So, if we can say that 10% of the 50 million Muslims in Europe today may be fanatics, then there are 5 million fanatical Muslims living there right now.

    But we are talking of an ideology that is far from ‘average’, aren’t we?

    Islam is not a religion that is like any other. Its primary aim in this part of the 21st century is world conquest and the leaders of Muslim countries are sending out millions of ‘refugees’ all over the world to settle.

    As far as the “peaceful” Muslims go, I don’t buy that they are not inactive in promoting jihad. Many are probably practicing fard abaya, letting others do the work of jihad for them. Since they can also practice takkiya and kitman, we really can’t be certain that they will tell the truth about what they believe and why the have immigrated to the west.

    Any way you look at it, the mass migration of intolerant, potentially violent Muslims to all parts of the world is more than a cultural issue. It is a matter of the life or death of the free world and diversity.

    North America needs thousands of counterparts to Mr. Wilders if the civilization is to survive. Without them, we will flounder behind the PC multicultural crap that has weakened what was once a strong civilization; the west.

    Where is the Spirit of 1942 when we really need it?

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