Here is important news from the other side.

Here is some great news. I wish that people like this received a lot more attention from the MSM as well as blogs like this one. There are Muslim groups that are not foaming, seventh century, rabid, hate filled nut bags. This is really refreshing to watch. Thanks Shortandcurlies for sending me this. Also its important to note that this group seems to have some actual understanding of the issues as opposed to the British party line on these matters, which seems to be to get total idiots like Baroness Warsi to laugh and scoff at religious Muslims and claim they are not the true Islam without actually ever debating them on content, history or issues.

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  1. Too bad that bad news sells and this is good news for a change.

    For centuries, Muslims lived peacefully (for the most part) with people of other faiths.

    It wasn’t until the rise of Wahabism in the 1920s and the on-going efforts of the OIC that Muslims became the truly radicalized people we now see in the media.

    Yet, if the truth were known, most Muslims probably don’t even understand world history or culture after having been indoctrinated for generations that the dar-al-habr is an evil place and must be eradicated.

    So, kudos to those within Islam who think otherwise. Now prove your worth and help combat terrorism in the name of Islam.

  2. A rare person indeed. I have a met a few brainy muslims in my time but most are thick as anything. It is an inbred thing they do and so it messes up the size of the brain in proportion to the body. This results in a mild form of retardation. The condition itself is called microencephalisation and is a condition of smaller brain size. When They shout Allah Akbar we know the the reason why. They have a smaller brain. Allah Came and gave them a Smaller Brain. Allah Akbar! I believe there was once a blogger called Allah Snackbar which is good name. I may open one of those snack bars myself and staff it with retards wearing Allah Akbar t-shirts.

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