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One Reply to “Three Americans arrested in Damascus.”

  1. Once again we see the hatred for America and white people in general. I suspect that one of the the real reasons for the uprising is anti-white sentiment. This is of course not the only reason. The leadership of syria is white. The brown Sunnis resent being ruled by white people. It is even in the name alawhite, the religion of the rulers and a tranlation into arabic and english would be The White. Now this may seem a strange thing to say but anti-white prejudice is sky high in the desert world. The rulers look white, dress white, and abide by a religion that is not the majority religion. They revere Mary and all have pictures of Mary in their homes just like catholics do. I am sure they want a brown sunni society like the rest of the desert societies around them with pictures of the Kaaba in their homes in carpet form hung on the wall. The racial element is often ignored because quite rightly people fear that racists will start saying illogical things on this blog. A legitimate concern. The association with the syrian leadership with the white culture through dress, religion and looks is something that plays on the mind of the brown sunni racists as it reminds them of the US the big Satan as they refer to it in their religously tinged racist way. Since racism exists everywhere it must exist in the mixed up world of syria and must therefore play its part. We need to take a closer look. I want to remind people that the muslim women’s wear as worn in Saudi, the black Abaya, was used by a man in the 19th century in the UK who had the elephant man condition. A serious thing. Now a group of women squatting in the slums of syria may not be that at all but a group of men with this condition. Things are not what what they seem. One needs to always take a closer look and when one does take a closer look things are surpising and sometimes shocking.

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