EDL Blackpool Demo Report: Justice for Charlene Downes

Could a crime be so awful that the government would choose to not deal with it to avoid a public reaction to it? Please click over to this blog for details on this case and a warm grateful thank you to the EDL for forcing the hand of the state to reopen this most important case.

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3 Replies to “EDL Blackpool Demo Report: Justice for Charlene Downes”

  1. There seems to be enough evidence to convict dozens of people, based on the tapes alone, were there any justice in the UK when it comes to Muslim criminals.

    The world is 21 terrorist attacks from 17,000 and still the west, especially the MSM, ignores the threat that Islam/Muslims pose to human rights and freedom.

    The simple fact is that you cannot have Islam without those who follow it to the letter. And these creatures who were taped (I do not want to call them men) are examples of the utter contempt that Muslims have for other people.

    We are merely fodder for their insane lust for power and territory. Raping and killing non-Muslim women is but one type of power they want over us. They intimidate through lawfare, mass immigration and above all hubris and violence.

    Its time we showed them the same courtesy, for it seems to be the only thing they understand. Think of Libya for a good example of what we need to do.

  2. When I first read about this poor girls hororiffic slaughter i was physically sick. Over time it has been transformmed into Rage, HM Goverenment needs to be VERY careful, as im not the only one who longs for civil war and for a chance to see our MPs bodies decorating westminesters many lamp posts.

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