‘Protesters break on to bank as protest becomes more and more violent

Not sure yet but I think these are ‘anti-war’ protesters.

H/T Don

Below is the description from the video:

Protesters break into bank, clash with cops as London march turns violent
Follow latest updates at http://twitter.com/rt_com and http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Tens of thousands of mostly peaceful demonstrators streamed into central London on Saturday to march against government budget cuts, with a small breakaway group smashing its way into a bank, breaking windows and spray painting logos on the walls. Another group of black-clad protesters hurled paint bombs and ammonia-filled light bulbs at police. Organisers of the march estimated that at least 250,000 people from across the country were peacefully joining in the demonstration, the biggest protest in London since a series of rallies against the Iraq war in 2003. Police said they were not giving out crowd estimates.

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One Reply to “‘Protesters break on to bank as protest becomes more and more violent”

  1. I think that the librtards of the west are now becoming exactly like the anarchists (see the grafitti on the post) were in the 19th century; dangerous to the civil peace.

    Among them are Muslims who will do as much damage as possible to banks, stores and other symbols of western civilization.

    Time to round up all immigrants and ship them back.

    I’m tired of their nonsense.

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