Oxford St. protest against the Libya action by African group

These guys clearly can’t decide who the good guys are. America and France are evil for attacking Qaddafi and his forces and Qaddafi is evil because he isn’t Muslim enough presumably. In any case I think I may quit blogging and open a dry cleaning business wherever these guys are. I have never seen as much black cloth in one place and if any of them have a Golden Retriever…

H/T Jean

More on this in an article here and here

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One Reply to “Oxford St. protest against the Libya action by African group”

  1. This is sounding like a broken record. Any original thinkers in that crowd? I think not.

    The sea of faceless, black-shrouded females, herded together and kept apart from the males, is chilling. Yet they chant on cue — where are their brains?

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